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R4P2D16 – Keep your grind on girl…

  • Today’s weight: 176.2
    today’s change:  -0.8
    net change: -14.8

So, tonight makes the end of the 72 hours. Yay!
And, of course, I ate to much… But, so yummy! Ahhh, fat, how I’ve missed you. Well, you know… fat in my belly, not fat on my belly. LOL! Now, 3 weeks of low carb, then back to my modified paleo. Woo hoo!

Pretty New Zealand Daisy(taken November 2012)

Pretty New Zealand Daisy
(taken November 2012)

Breakfast was coffee & egg whites/salsa/fff.
Snack was an apple.
Lunch was beef & onions.
(72 hours!) Dinner was rib eye steak, raw cauliflower, some Greek yogurt with ranch spices, and a bit of avocado.

Water count: 120 oz

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R4P2D15 – Waiting for the summer rain, yeah…

  • Today’s weight: 177.0
    today’s change: -0.4
    net change: -14.0

Well. I’m going totally rogue. My head has not been in the game for at least the last week – so I’m cutting my P2 short. My last injection was on Saturday night, so I’m transitioning now to P3. That will start on Wednesday morning. (Boo yah, bacon & eggs!)
I’m really happy with my losses this round, even if I didn’t quite hit my goal. I wanted to get solidly into “normal” BMI – which is 24.9 and under. This morning, I was at 25.  Pretty damn close.

Flower in Costa Maya(Taken June 2011)

Flower in Costa Maya
(Taken June 2011)

Breakfast was coffee & egg whites/psyllium husk powder.
Snack was an apple.
Lunch was ground beef & mashed radishes.
Dinner was tilapia and asparagus.
Dessert was a few sugar free meringues.

Water count: 120 oz

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R4P2D14 – On a big adventure to the caves below…

  • Today’s weight: 177.4
    today’s change:  -0.6
    net change: -13.6

Went and saw The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey today!! It was wonderful! And, so frickin neat to see stuff on the big screen that we saw in person back in November! *giddy*  I just can’t wait for the next one! And, wow every single preview they showed looked like stuff I want to see.   Next up will be Hansel & Gretel….

There and Back Again!
(Taken November 2012)

Breakfast was coffee.
Snack was a few sugar free caramel meringues.
Lunch was ground beef & mushroom ‘chili’.
Dinner was fat free cottage cheese, a bit of fresh salsa, and cauliflower wraps.

Water count: 100 oz

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R4P2D13 – Rock a bye baby…

  • Today’s weight: 178.0
    today’s change:  -0.6
    net change: -13.0

This is going to be a short one… It’s kind of late for me, and I’m sleepy!

Hubby & I went for our first outdoor run of the year. It was fan-fuckin-tastic!!  Only about 45 degrees, and foggy, but WONDERFUL! We did 2.25 miles in 32 minutes. Yeah, baby! I don’t love the treadmill – I MUCH prefer to run outdoors.

This afternoon, I went over to Bestie’s to get started on our next ‘project’… And, project it turned out to be! Yikes. We’re making hat boxes (aka band boxes) and it is turning out to be much more complicated than we expected. Oh well. We’re getting it figured out – it’s just taking longer that we thought it would.  PLUS, apparently wall paper in stores is a thing of the past… I went to 6 different stores, and the closest thing was Walmart having self-adhesive “borders”. *sigh*  Guess I’ll just have to order online for what I want to cover my hat box with.

Breakfast was coffee & egg whites.
Snack was Fage 0% with cocoa powder & Truvia.
Lunch was chicken and spinach.
Dinner was a lean turkey patty and baked apple slices.

Water count: 100 oz

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R4P2D12 – She’ll carry on through it all…

Erskine Falls, Victoria, Aus(Taken November 2012)

Erskine Falls, Victoria, Aus
(Taken November 2012)

  • Today’s weight: 178.6
    today’s change:  -0.2
    net change: -12.4

Down is down, right? Even if it’s only .2, at least it’s the right direction. LOL!

I’m seriously ready for this phase of the diet to be O.V.E.R.  I miss bacon & cheese & nuts… *sigh*  Oh well, I’m still plugging along, though. And, I’m still losing weight! As long as I continue to go down & I continue to feel okay, I’ll stay on for my 24 injections.

Today’s picture is the Erskine Falls, just outside of Lorne. It was beautiful – but, unfortunately, we weren’t able to go to the lower observation area because of construction. So, we didn’t get as amazing of a picture as some out there. I think it’s pretty nice anyway, though.  I’m going to need to get out and about soon and take more pictures, though… there’s probably only so many of my last three trips that ya’ll will want to see. 🙂

No cardio today, just my pushups/dips/lunges.

Breakfast was coffee.
Snack was frozen blueberries whipped into a sorbet.
Lunch was beef & whipped cauliflower.
Dinner was Shrimp & Miracle Noodles made into Pho.

Water count: 100 oz

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R4P2D11 – The still cold smell of morning…

Today’s weight: 178.8
today’s change: -1.0
net change: -12.2

Okay. To start… I just have to say: SmoothMove Tea ain’t so gentle! My tummy was gurgling all night & this morning I was having cramping before anything was ‘moved’. Yikes. It did work, however. LOL!

Now, for something a bit more serious. Remember that everything in this world is transitory. One day you can be plugging along in your own little world, and the next something horrible could happen. Please, tell those you love that you love them – all the time. Don’t wait for birthdays or holidays or the right moment. Cherish the ups and downs.   I found out this morning that a friend from years back and her little daughter had been missing since Monday. This afternoon, her son announced on her facebook that they had been found – but not the way anyone would have hoped.  Apparently, the Sheriff’s office found them under the ice in a pond on their property. At this point, no one knows how it happened. The good thing is that there’s no foul play indicated. The bad thing is that two wonderful bright flames have been snuffed out WAY too young. Rest in peace, ladies.

As much as I seriously didn’t want to work out when I got home from work… I sucked it up and did 2 miles on the treadmill. I’m glad I did – but now I’m TIRED!

I’m wondering if I was as ready to do this round as I thought I was.  I’m not ready to throw in the towel – but my mind doesn’t seem to be in the game. I’ve got 2 more weeks of VLCD. Hope I can hold out!

Beyond the Shire - Hobbiton(taken November 2012)

Beyond the Shire – Hobbiton
(taken November 2012)

Breakfast was egg whites blended with psyllium husk powder & a cup of coffee.
Snack was an apple.
Lunch was ground beef & shredded cabbage with some jalapenos.
Dinner was turkey meatballs & whipped cauliflower.

Water count: 120 oz

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R4P2D10 – There’s a lady who’s sure all that glitters is gold…

Some stairs on Alcatraz Island(taken March 2012)

Some stairs on Alcatraz Island
(taken March 2012)

  • Today’s weight: 179.8
    today’s change:  -0.6
    net change: -11.2

Holy moly!! A new 10-spot!!! AHHHHH!!!!
Fer reals, the last time I was in the 170’s, I was a sophomore in high school or something! I was uber-giddy when I got on the scale this morning. (Especially with all my rogue-ishness yesterday!)

I keep thinking I should post “deep thoughts” or something on my blog… but yet, all that comes out 95% of the time is “my day was a day & here’s what I ate”. LOL  Is there anything any of my readers (I’m sure I have at least one or two, right?) would like me to go into detail about?

Breakfast was coffee.
Snack was frozen blueberries whipped into a sorbet.
Lunch was shrimp and asparagus.
Dinner was beef & tomatoes made into a chili dish (again – I’d made a double batch yesterday).

Water count: 110 oz

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R4P2D9 – ooh eeh ooh ahah, ting tang wallawallabingbang…

Today’s weight: 180.4
today’s change: -1.2
net change: -10.6

Well. Today was a bit of a rogue day all around. LOL!
Started off with deciding that I didn’t want just plain egg whites this morning. So, I mixed in a couple teaspoons of psyllium husk powder and some stevia – and made a pancake thing. It stuck to the pan really bad, and was a little rubbery… but it tasted good. 🙂  I can totally see eating something along these lines in P3 with BUTTER! Nom nom nom.

Lunch was a bit rogue, too, as I really didn’t want any of the meats I had thawed… so I swung by the grocery on my way back to work and picked up a container of fat free cottage cheese.  Mixed in a tablespoon or so of fresh sugar-free salsa, and ate it with celery sticks.

I’m SOOOO ready for the weather to change and the sun to start setting later! I really don’t love exercising on a treadmill… I much prefer to do my running outside (and I think I run way faster outside as well).  But, it’s still pretty much dark when I get home from work – and it’s still only running around 35 degrees (F) in the evening. *brrrrr*  Well, it’ll change pretty soon, I’m sure. Then I’ll be complaining about the heat! LOL
In the meantime, I bought that treadmill – I’d better use it. 😉 That being said, I jumped back into my C25K training today. I started at Week4/Day1 Which is 5w/3r/1.5w/5r/2.5w/3r/1.5w/5r/5w – and I went 2.25 mi in that 32 minutes. That’s right around a 15 minute mile. Definitely been faster (usually run around a 14), but I’ve not done much since before we went on vacation in November.  I’ll get faster as I train more this year, though. The Wine&DineHalf requires a pace of 16min/mile, so I’m going to try training at 14 – and adding distance.

Can you see the star of the picture?

Can you see the star of the picture?

Breakfast was coffee and egg whites blended with psyllium husk powder.
Snack was an apple and melba.
Lunch was fat free cottage cheese with a tablespoon of fresh salsa and celery.
Dinner was beef & tomatoes made into a chili dish.

Water count: 140 oz

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R4P2D8 – Time goes wherever you are…

Windmill at Golden Gate Park(taken August 2012)

Windmill at Golden Gate Park
(taken August 2012)

  • Today’s weight: 181.6
    today’s change:  -1.0
    net change: -9.4

Not really coming up with anything to write about today… So, this’ll be just a check-in.

But, I will share a pic I took of the windmill at Golden Gate Park!

Breakfast was coffee.
Snack was a half cup Fage 0% with cocoa powder.
Lunch was beef & whipped cauliflower.
Dinner was chicken & mushrooms stewed in lemon & lime juice with some jalapenos.

Water count: 140 oz

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R4P2D7 – Now I’m lookin’ at a flashback Sunday…

  • Today’s weight: 182.6
    today’s change:  -1.2
    net change: -8.4
Sunset in Port Campbell, Australia(taken November 2012)

Sunset in Port Campbell, Australia
(taken November 2012)

I updated my Progress Pictures today! Yay!

This year, my fitness goals are working on my abs & arms.  Our annual lobby bar take-over theme will be “Bollywood” next January, so I’m thinking that those two areas are going to be QUITE on display. That gives me a year to get’er’done. 🙂

I busted out the WiiFit Plus this evening. You know, I always forget what a +jerk+ it is! LOL It always makes the horrid “oof” sound when I step on the balance board… or gets pissy that I ‘missed my goal’ (when I’m actually 25 lbs UNDER it’s last goal). *sigh*  Oh well. I’m =this= close to being a normal BMI, so that’s nice.  I did 40 minutes of exercises: a run, step aerobics, hula hoop, and some strength stuff.

Breakfast was coffee & egg whites.
Snack was baked apple slices.
Lunch was beef & whipped cauliflower (recipe below!).
Dinner was chicken and shredded cabbage – a la sushi (meaning I cooked it with Braggs, fresh ginger, & wasabi!).

Water count: 110 oz

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