R4P2D12 – She’ll carry on through it all…

Erskine Falls, Victoria, Aus(Taken November 2012)

Erskine Falls, Victoria, Aus
(Taken November 2012)

  • Today’s weight: 178.6
    today’s change:  -0.2
    net change: -12.4

Down is down, right? Even if it’s only .2, at least it’s the right direction. LOL!

I’m seriously ready for this phase of the diet to be O.V.E.R.  I miss bacon & cheese & nuts… *sigh*  Oh well, I’m still plugging along, though. And, I’m still losing weight! As long as I continue to go down & I continue to feel okay, I’ll stay on for my 24 injections.

Today’s picture is the Erskine Falls, just outside of Lorne. It was beautiful – but, unfortunately, we weren’t able to go to the lower observation area because of construction. So, we didn’t get as amazing of a picture as some out there. I think it’s pretty nice anyway, though.  I’m going to need to get out and about soon and take more pictures, though… there’s probably only so many of my last three trips that ya’ll will want to see. 🙂

No cardio today, just my pushups/dips/lunges.

Breakfast was coffee.
Snack was frozen blueberries whipped into a sorbet.
Lunch was beef & whipped cauliflower.
Dinner was Shrimp & Miracle Noodles made into Pho.

Water count: 100 oz

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