Whole30 – days 20 to 25

The Gov. Stanford

The Gov. Stanford

Whoops. Here I am again… not posting for several days.

Well, I was busy, then I was not busy, then I just din’wanna. So.

But, I’m here right now!

Let’s see.  Saturday the hubby & I drove down to Sacramento area (about 2 1/2 hours, each way) to meet up with some friends to go through the Train Museum and an enormous corn maze (in Dixon, CA). It was a lot of fun. We called it “meeting in the middle”, since they were coming from the Monterey area…
We ended up eating out for two meals (being on the road will do that), but I was REALLY proud of myself on making smart choices. Both restaurants were very accommodating. (Even the one that I asked for the veggies from one dish to replace the rice in the fish dish I ordered!)

Sunday, I processed the last of the plums – another 7 pints of BBQ sauce and another 4 of jam. *whew*

Hubby is in LA for a training course, so I’m on full dog duty. Oof on the whole getting up in the middle of the night thing… I mostly just yell at them to get back in bed. I know they can hold it for more than 3 hours. Mostly, they just want to be fed. They will often start asking for breakfast around 3:30 am or so.  Fahgedabboudit! They can wait until 5, like the civilized beasties I want them to be. LOL


Anyway, my food…

Day 20 –

B: shredded sweet potato, kale salad, & chicken sauteed in ghee – eggy coffee
L: Grilled salmon filet over roasted summer squashes
D: Ribeye steak, baked sweet potato, and salad with oil/vinegar dressing

Day 21 –
B: Ribeye steak, mashed carrots & celery root, and the last of the homemade applesauce – eggy coffee
L: Hardboiled egg, almond butter, apple – eggy coffee
S: peach

Pork loin roasted in homemade sugarless plum BBQ sauce, roasted onions, and homemade Caesar salad


Day 22 –
B: Flank steak and mushrooms cooked in ghee – eggy coffee
L: Pork loin from yesterday, sauteed kale salad with sliced almonds, and a spoon of coconut cream
S: Apple & almond butter
D: Lettuce-shell tacos ! With the “cheezy” spread, mashed avocado, & homemade salsa –>>>

Day 23 –
B: More lettuce-shell tacos, with an egg scrambled into the taco meat – eggy coffee
L: Turkey burgers with cheezy spread and jalapeno mustard & a peach
D: Ribeye steak and asparagus with ghee

Day 24 –
B: pork loin & kale salad scramble, half an avocado, eggy coffee
L: lettuce wrapped burger & sweet potato
S: apple and almond butter
D: Caesar salad with tomatoes, a peach, and a spoon of coconut cream

Day 25 –
B:  turkey burger with cheezy spread & jalapeno mustard, asparagus with ghee, & eggy coffee
L: turkey burger with cheezy spread & jalapeno mustard (I made 2 for breakfast, but only ate one of them, so I had the other for lunch), spinach sauteed in ghee
S: sliced yellow squash
D: homemade beef mushroom chili
S: coconut cream, coconut oil, cocoa powder


WHEEE! Only 5 more days to go!!
This has been a pretty good experiment. We’ll see where I am with weight/measure/etc at the end. Overall, I feel pretty good. (Except for that dang ‘crud’ that’s been going around my office. Again.)

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One thought on “Whole30 – days 20 to 25

  1. Laina

    Way to go on your trip and travel eating!

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