R4P2D13 – Rock a bye baby…

  • Today’s weight: 178.0
    today’s change:  -0.6
    net change: -13.0

This is going to be a short one… It’s kind of late for me, and I’m sleepy!

Hubby & I went for our first outdoor run of the year. It was fan-fuckin-tastic!!  Only about 45 degrees, and foggy, but WONDERFUL! We did 2.25 miles in 32 minutes. Yeah, baby! I don’t love the treadmill – I MUCH prefer to run outdoors.

This afternoon, I went over to Bestie’s to get started on our next ‘project’… And, project it turned out to be! Yikes. We’re making hat boxes (aka band boxes) and it is turning out to be much more complicated than we expected. Oh well. We’re getting it figured out – it’s just taking longer that we thought it would.  PLUS, apparently wall paper in stores is a thing of the past… I went to 6 different stores, and the closest thing was Walmart having self-adhesive “borders”. *sigh*  Guess I’ll just have to order online for what I want to cover my hat box with.

Breakfast was coffee & egg whites.
Snack was Fage 0% with cocoa powder & Truvia.
Lunch was chicken and spinach.
Dinner was a lean turkey patty and baked apple slices.

Water count: 100 oz

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