R4P2D9 – ooh eeh ooh ahah, ting tang wallawallabingbang…

Today’s weight: 180.4
today’s change: -1.2
net change: -10.6

Well. Today was a bit of a rogue day all around. LOL!
Started off with deciding that I didn’t want just plain egg whites this morning. So, I mixed in a couple teaspoons of psyllium husk powder and some stevia – and made a pancake thing. It stuck to the pan really bad, and was a little rubbery… but it tasted good. 🙂  I can totally see eating something along these lines in P3 with BUTTER! Nom nom nom.

Lunch was a bit rogue, too, as I really didn’t want any of the meats I had thawed… so I swung by the grocery on my way back to work and picked up a container of fat free cottage cheese.  Mixed in a tablespoon or so of fresh sugar-free salsa, and ate it with celery sticks.

I’m SOOOO ready for the weather to change and the sun to start setting later! I really don’t love exercising on a treadmill… I much prefer to do my running outside (and I think I run way faster outside as well).  But, it’s still pretty much dark when I get home from work – and it’s still only running around 35 degrees (F) in the evening. *brrrrr*  Well, it’ll change pretty soon, I’m sure. Then I’ll be complaining about the heat! LOL
In the meantime, I bought that treadmill – I’d better use it. 😉 That being said, I jumped back into my C25K training today. I started at Week4/Day1 Which is 5w/3r/1.5w/5r/2.5w/3r/1.5w/5r/5w – and I went 2.25 mi in that 32 minutes. That’s right around a 15 minute mile. Definitely been faster (usually run around a 14), but I’ve not done much since before we went on vacation in November.  I’ll get faster as I train more this year, though. The Wine&DineHalf requires a pace of 16min/mile, so I’m going to try training at 14 – and adding distance.

Can you see the star of the picture?

Can you see the star of the picture?

Breakfast was coffee and egg whites blended with psyllium husk powder.
Snack was an apple and melba.
Lunch was fat free cottage cheese with a tablespoon of fresh salsa and celery.
Dinner was beef & tomatoes made into a chili dish.

Water count: 140 oz

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