Whole30 – catching up, days 11 to 19

going to bed!Yup. I’m probably the worst blogger ever.  I always have good intentions… and then *poof*.

Ah well. That’s how I am, I guess.

The last week has been… good, I guess. The weather changing to fall always makes me need to sleep more, so I’ve often been eating dinner, playing a couple rounds of Candy Crush, and then wandering off to bed to read for about 15 minutes before falling asleep.  I have a ton of energy during the day and I’ve been waking up just a little bit before my alarm each morning, so I know that this Whole30 has been a great thing.

Last weekend we did a giant round of PROCESS ALL THE PLUMS. Our tree decided it was going to be ripe all at once and threw about 70 lbs of plums at us in 3 days.  So, I spent all day Saturday and Sunday canning and dehydrating.  We found some pectin that we don’t have to use sugar with, so I made a ton of jams that we’ll be able to eat ourselves. (I don’t eat a lot of jam, since I gave up bread…) It tastes good with almond butter AND it worked really well spread on a pork roast!  I also canned a big batch of spicy plum BBQ sauce. Which I can’t eat any of until after my Whole30 is over… since I used coconut sugar in the recipe.  I made a few jars of jam sweetened with Stevia, to share with my diabetic neighbor (he suggested Splenda… not gonna happen). And a bunch of jars with regular sugar (but a low amount) to give away as gifts to coworkers & such.  I managed to put up 36 pints of stuff, 6 trays of fruit leather, & about a pound of dried “plum chips”.  Pretty productive, actually. I still have about 2 gallons of plum slurry that I need to finish doing things with, though… Any suggestions?

Okay, if anyone wants to see what I’ve been eating over the past week, it’s behind the cut:

Day 12 – 
B: Pot roast, kale salad and beets sauteed in ghee, and eggy coffee.
L: Pork & sweet peppers in Panang curry.
S: a spoonful of Coconut Cream
D: Chicken heart & pork sausage spaghetti sauce over spaghetti squash.

Day 13 –
B: Panang curry pork/sweet peppers/broccoli/string beans, and eggy coffee
S: plums & almond butter
L: Cioppino from Whole Foods
D: Pork loin roasted with sugarless plum glaze.

Day 14 –
B: Panang curry pork/sweet peppers/broccoli/string beans, and eggy coffee
L: Avocado
S: plums
D: Roasted pablano peppers stuffed with ground beef, spaghetti squash baked with “Cheezy Sauce”, pork rib, and salad with vinegar/oil dressing.

Day 15 –
B: Scrambled eggs with spinach and mushrooms & eggy coffee.
L: Turkey burgers with cheezy sauce, avocado, and almond butter.
D: Tilapia cooked with lime and ginger, green beans, and some dried plum chips.

Day 16 –
B: Beef steak, asparagus with clarified butter, and eggy coffee.
L: Carl’s Jr low carb six dollar burger – no sauce, no cheese.
S: pistacio nuts
D: NY Strip steak, roasted sweet potato, homemade Caesar salad  (I MADE MAYO – GO ME!!!)

Day 17 – (felt like I was getting a cold – achey/sore throat)
B: NY Strip steak and spinach fried in coconut oil and eggy coffee.
L: Ground beef patty, jalapeno mustard, and chicken bone broth.
D: Chicken leg & thigh cooked in coconut milk, mashed celery root & carrots with ghee, and Caesar salad.

Day 18 – (still not feeling great, but better than yesterday)
B: turkey burgers with cheezy sauce, sauteed baby greens, and eggy coffee.
L: Eggs salad (made with my homemade mayo!!!) and sweet peppers.
S: sunflower seeds and a 100 calorie pack of Wholey Guacamole.
D: Ground beef and mushrooms with ghee served over spaghetti squash.

Day 19 – (today! I’m actually feeling quite a bit better today)
B: Chicken breast, mashed celery root and carrots, and eggy coffee.
L: Tuna salad (my mayo!!) with diced garlic stuffed olives, and carrots.
S: almond butter mashed with a couple small manzanos.
D: Hamburger patty with cheezy sauce and jalapeno mustard, asparagus in ghee.

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