Who Am I?

I live in the San Francisco Bay Area and work for a local hospice as the Site Revenue Coordinator.
I am a costumer and enjoy going to Conventions – cosplay completely fascinates me.
I play World of Warcraft occasionally, it doesn’t have to take over one’s life, ya know. I enjoy participating in beta tests for PC games.
I’m the queen of the procrastinators! (If it weren’t for the last minute, nothing would ever get done…)
I adore going to concerts. I am a complete devotee of INXS. I’ve seen them live 19 times, and look forward to many more. (I’m a “Timmy Girl” through and through.)
I love movies and have a huge collection of DVDs.

About my weight loss:
I’ve struggled with my weight most of my adult life.
At the age of 22, I had a doctor that either hated women, hated me, or was just a moron. He decided that I was overweight & put me on a very strict low calorie/low fat diet. I gained weight. He accused me of “cheating” and lowered my calories. I gained more weight.  I was young enough and unsure of myself enough to listen to him. He made me feel like crap about myself.  He broke me.  To top it off, I’d had pretty major surgery which affected my hormones the year earlier.
Anyway. I packed on 60 lbs that year, DURING his low calorie/low fat diet!  It obviously wasn’t what I should have been doing.

I was unhappy, but had decided that I just didn’t care anymore about my weight. I was fat, I just had to live with it. I had convinced myself it was fine.  Then, over the next several years, my weight just kept going up.

I went on “diets” here and there, as most people do. Some of them would work for a little while, and then I’d stop losing. I’d get frustrated and then go back to my old “Standard American Diet” “healthy” way of eating with the thought of, “oh well, guess I’ll just stay fat.”

Finally, June of 2011 rolled around. I’d finally managed to drop about 35 lbs at this point, mostly with low carb eating, but it obviously wasn’t enough. As, when (my then) hubby & I went on a cruise, I ended up not being able to do the cave tour we had signed up for at one of our stops. I was over the weight limit and they wouldn’t let me go.

I swore that I’d finally do something and be successful. I’d never have that happen to me again. It was humiliating. I vowed that I would NOT ever be “the fat American” again.

Some of the girls I work with were doing this crazy diet thing called HCG. I was horrified by it at first. I mean, 500 calories, are you NUTS!?  But, one of them gave me a copy of Pounds and Inches – I read it and it was making sense. I really “felt” the parts about correcting the hormone imbalances. I’m pretty darn sure that’s what got me going on the road to fat-nation.

So, I tried it. I lost about 70 lbs with it. You can read about that part of my journey from the beginning of this blog.  The rest of the weight, like I said above, was mostly lost with low carbing. I’m currently attempting to live a “Primal” life to keep the weight off.

September 2014 (185 lbs) February 2008 (approx 305 lbs)
Steampunk/Burlesque Black Widow cosplay Vegas2008
September 2013 (185 lbs) June 2011 (270 lbs)
MMwedding Sept2013 June2011cruise002cccrop
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