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Just because…

Here’s a picture of my dogs.

Pumpkin (& Rupert)

Pumpkin (& Rupert)

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Whole30 – days 20 to 25

The Gov. Stanford

The Gov. Stanford

Whoops. Here I am again… not posting for several days.

Well, I was busy, then I was not busy, then I just din’wanna. So.

But, I’m here right now!

Let’s see.  Saturday the hubby & I drove down to Sacramento area (about 2 1/2 hours, each way) to meet up with some friends to go through the Train Museum and an enormous corn maze (in Dixon, CA). It was a lot of fun. We called it “meeting in the middle”, since they were coming from the Monterey area…
We ended up eating out for two meals (being on the road will do that), but I was REALLY proud of myself on making smart choices. Both restaurants were very accommodating. (Even the one that I asked for the veggies from one dish to replace the rice in the fish dish I ordered!)

Sunday, I processed the last of the plums – another 7 pints of BBQ sauce and another 4 of jam. *whew*

Hubby is in LA for a training course, so I’m on full dog duty. Oof on the whole getting up in the middle of the night thing… I mostly just yell at them to get back in bed. I know they can hold it for more than 3 hours. Mostly, they just want to be fed. They will often start asking for breakfast around 3:30 am or so.  Fahgedabboudit! They can wait until 5, like the civilized beasties I want them to be. LOL


Anyway, my food… Continue reading

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R4P3D14 – Got a lot of catching up to do…

Coconut prawns, bacon wrapped scallops, butter cooked clams, and crab stuffed mushrooms... and a nice Riesling.

Coconut prawns, bacon wrapped scallops, butter cooked clams, and crab stuffed mushrooms… and a nice Riesling.

Today: 178.8 / LIW: 177 / Net: +1.8

Let’s see… I haven’t posted since Wednesday… so…

Thursday night hubby took me out to a nice steakhouse dinner. We had wine & appetizers (bad girl). But, oh so yummy! We did send the bread away – but I ate the stuffed mushroom and the coconut prawn.  Of course, by the time my blackened prime rib (with whiskey butter!) & green beans arrived, I was so full I could barely eat a quarter of it! 🙂

Then, I had Friday off, to kick off my girlz weekend – and I had a GREAT time!!

Awesome Charcuterie Plate!

Awesome Charcuterie Plate!

Bestie & I ate lunch on Friday at our friend’s restaurant, The Compass Star – YUMMO!! She is an incredible chef. I’m so proud of her for following her dream and making it a reality. She works her tukkus off, and she’s loving it!  No clue what each of the cured meats were on the charcuterie plate – but they were delicious!  Of course, I forgot to take pictures of the pulled pork slider or the rosemary chicken panini… but trust me, they were drool worthy. If you’re ever in Martinez, CA – or even anywhere NEAR there – you need to eat at The Compass Star.

And, after eating WAAAAYYYY too much incredible food (yes, I ate the bread – don’t judge, she made it with a local brewery’s spent beer stuff!) Bestie & I wandered up and down Main Street, popping into all of the antique stores. I managed to score two hat boxes, a nice wig box, and a pretty glass pearled purse.  Not too shabby.

Pfeiffer Beach(taken February 2013)

Pfeiffer Beach
(taken February 2013)

Then, off to Salinas! Got to our friends’ house & they made us dinner and we played some Cards Against Humanity (crazy-rude-fun-nutty game, that!) until we were all too tired to keep going.

Saturday, we all got up and had some errands to run. Most of us went to Acme Coffee Roasters (yum, Breve Latte!) and Corrolitos Market (SAUSAGE!!). But, Sparky got to take a couple of the pets to a vet appointment.  After that, met back up & drove down the coast to Pfeiffer Beach – which is a bit south of Big Sur. Such a pretty beach!! Well worth the drive. The turn off is a little hard to spot, and you have to go 2 miles down a very tiny road, but once you get there! Beautimous!!  We spent a couple hours wandering around the beach – in the very cold wind. But, it was very enjoyable none the less.

After we got back to Salinas, we all went over to our other friends’ house to meet up with several more friends that we don’t get to see very often. We BBQ’d the sausages we picked up at Corrilitos & had several yummy vegetable side dishes. And, played Cards Against Humanity for a couple hours. 🙂

Sunday was mostly spent driving home – but Bestie & I stopped at IKEA for me to buy a new set of dishes. I also came out with lots of other stuff, as usual… but I didn’t go too overboard. Hey – I managed to not come home with furniture! LOL

Today was back to the grind at work. Whee.

I’m contemplating going full-on Primal once I’m out of P3.  I do a lot of it anyway, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to transition. I don’t want to do full Paleo, since I don’t want to give up all my dairy. I can live without the grains – but I have to have my cheeses!  I’m still reading Mark Sisson’s Primal Blueprint, so we’ll see if I’m willing to go all the way with it once I’m finished. I’m also starting to listen to some podcasts about paleo stuff.

I’m going to not post my daily foods on here anymore – if you really want to see what I’m eating day-to-day, I’m logging over on SparkPeople (snapshotstacy).  I’ll still post recipes and such, though, when I’ve got them.  I’m transitioning into maintenance and I figure that double-logging my food is a bit silly.

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R3P4D13 – Goddess on the mountain top, Burning like a silver flame…

Today: 207.8 / LIW: 206.2 / Net: +1.6

Well… Sorry I haven’t posted in a few days… But, I don’t seem to have enough hours in the day! My choice was to blog or to exercise. And, well, since I didn’t post for a few days – guess what I did! 🙂

On Saturday, Hubby & I decided to get our gaits assessed. There’s a running store in town that does it for free. And, since we were there… we both got new (really nice!) running shoes. Yay! We also hit Sierra Trading Post & got me some new riding gear – my pants were falling off & I really needed a jersey that fit. Then, we stopped into REI (sale day!) and got a bunch of stuff – including a nice bag to go onto the rack on my bike. It just slides right on & clips!  That evening, when hubby left to go game with friends, I went on a short 6 mile ride. Didn’t do a long one, since I was by myself & neither Hubby or Roomie were close enough to “rescue” me in case of a problem.

Sunday, Hubby & I went on the Verdi ride again. Ali was going to come with us… but when I texted her at 8:30 (the time we were going to meet up), she had just gotten up. LOL  So, we headed out on our own. Our pace was a little slower this week, but still, 11mph is nothing to sneeze at – especially with some of the hills on the route! Then, we went & saw Avengers again (woot!) – this time NOT in 3D.

I’m up a bit in weight today for a couple reasons – one, I didn’t drink enough water (at all) over the weekend. I only got in about 2L per day, instead of my usual 3… and it’s worse because I was exerting myself! The second reason is because I splurged with a 10″ Gluten Free pizza for supper -with a beer.  Oh well. Gotta live, right??

Today, Hubby & I broke in our running shoes. He joined me in my afternoon C25K run. We did 2 miles in the 30 minute program.

Oh! On Saturday, I had Hubby take a pic of me in my new bike gear.  And, I compared it to a pic taken back in September on a ride with Ali… HOLY COW, Obvious weight loss is obvious.


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R3P4D8 – Heard it from a friend who, Heard it from a friend who…

Today: 206.0 / LIW: 206.2 / Net: -0.2

I decided to splurge this evening & made a big batch of CocoaCrack! I also decided to try making peanut butter cups… well, okay, almond butter cups, actually.  I’m pretty darn pleased with how they turned out! (And Pumpkin is jealous & wants to know why she can’t have it, since I was just holding it out there…)

One of our friends, who we haven’t gotten to see in at least 6 months, stopped by this evening. Life has been crazy for everyone & she lives on the other side of town – so we just haven’t managed to get together. So, it was nice to have a bit of a visit. She & her boyfriend are going to be moving in together in a few weeks. I’m very excited for her!  She got sick last week, so wasn’t able to go on our Verdi ride with us… but maybe she’ll be able to go with us this weekend. She really does like riding a lot (she’s the reason we got back into bicycling), and she really hasn’t had the time.

Of course, having company come over meant that I skipped my work out today. But, I think that’s okay – I should be giving my body an occasional break anyway, right? And, I did do a 15 minute walk this afternoon. So, I didn’t not move at all today…

At lunch, I decided I wanted to have a bit of a treat & ordered a diet Pepsi… well, that is NOT what I got. It’s been about 6 months since I had a soda – but I’m pretty sure I can still tell the difference between diet & regular! The waitress said that it was the diet – but I really don’t think it was. I took one small sip – and then asked the waitress to bring me an iced tea instead. *bleh*

Breakfast was bacon & eggs, coffee/cream.
Snack was 2% Fage with CocoPro.
Lunch was chicken wings, celery, carrots, & ranch dressing.
Dinner was tri tip, home made coleslaw, & cocoa crack!

Water count: 100 oz

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R3P3D13 – There’s a party goin’ on right here, A celebration to last throughout the years…

Today: 207.2 / LIW: 206.2 / Net: +1.0

You know… I’ve been complaining about the slow scale creep that I had/have been having… But, I’m not so sure that it’s as bad as I was thinking. Or, at least, I seem to have (hopefully) arrested it. I was comparing this P3 to previous P3’s… where I pretty much stabilized below my LIW. This time, I was pretty much freaking out, I think, because I’m above LIW. However, looking at my last 9 days – I’ve been rock solid between 206.6 and 207.6 – that is only a one pound window! Looking at it from that perspective, it’s not nearly so scary as thinking “oh my gosh, I’m blah-blah-blah above LIW.” It’s all about perspective, isn’t it? 🙂

So, today I made myself a chocolate mug cake – OMG! So much yummy in just a couple of minutes! No flour, no sugar, no problem!
It even LOOKS like cake! —–>>
(Actually, I think it really looks like a Hostess cupcake – without the frosting… but, maybe that’s just me.) I’ll post the recipe below.

Hubby & still haven’t managed to go out on a ride with his new wheels yet… He got stuck at work late. Meh. Hopefully we’ll get at least one ride in before this weekend – since we won’t be able to then… gonna be traveling out of state.

Breakfast was beef & eggs with coffee/cream.
Snack was Just The Cheese & coffee/cream.
Lunch was lamb & spinach.
Snack was the chocolate mug cake.
Dinner was beef & asparagus.

Water count: 110 oz

Continue reading

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R3P3D12 – Little red corvette, Baby you’re much 2 fast…

Today: 207.2 / LIW: 206.2 / Net: +1.0

Today was hubby’s birthday. Yay! Happy birthday, hubby! We bought him a swoopty new bicycle. It’s red & purdy. 🙂

We spent a bit more than intended… but, hey, he’s really happy with it – and it’s better to spend a little more and get something you’re really happy with. Rather than having to spend that much AGAIN later when you decide what you originally bought isn’t working out. Right?

We haven’t gone on a ride yet with the new bike, hopefully in the next day or two.

We went over to Bestie’s after getting back from REI & spent the afternoon hanging out, making shish kabobs, & watching both halves of the last Harry Potter movie.

We just got home, and it’s super late… and I’m really tired. So, gonna wrap this up.

Breakfast was a scramble with eggs, bacon, jalepenos, & jack cheese – with sour cream & salsa, also coffee with cream.
Lunch was Just The Cheese & pistachios.
Dinner was lamb, beef, & chicken shish kabobs with onion, mushroom, tomatoes, & bell pepper.
Dessert was sliced strawberries with a bit of Greek yogurt.

Water count: 90 oz

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R2P3D19 – And there’s nothin’ like a party when it’s kickin’ into gear…

Today: 215.4 / LIW: 216.8 / Net: -1.4

The weather was icky… but I went for my run after work anyway. I felt very accomplished. It was really windy & kind of cold – but I persevered!

Then, I got to make dinner… and my own cake. Happy birthday to me. LOL

However, I made a “low carb / gluten free” lemon bundt cake (recipe from this blog). Not too bad, if I say so myself… I think maybe next time I’ll add a bit of lemon oil or more zest. It could have been more lemony for my tastes. And – my glaze was a big fail. That’s what happens when you try to make a glaze from granulated erythritol instead of powdered. Kinda chunky. 🙂

Oh! And I finally got the picture of Bestie & I with Foreigner!! I think we look pretty awesome – we should be photographed with rock stars regularly, yes, yes we should.

Well… it might be my birthday – but, it’s also a work night – and I’m tired. So I’m going to wrap this up & head off to bed.

Breakfast was eggs, pulled pork, green beans, & coffee/cream.
Lunch was fajitas made with London Broil, baby peppers, & onion – with Greek yogurt and spicy chopped tomatoes.
Dinner was Indian Butter Chicken over riced cauliflower with saffron.
Dessert was a mini lemon ricotta bundt cake!

Water count: 90 oz

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R2P3D12 – It’s not too hard to figure out, you see it everyday…

Today: 219.2 / LIW: 216.8 / Net: +2.4

Down a bit with yesterday’s Steak Day – 1.6, not as much as most folks seem to lose on a steak day, but not horrible. I’m doing another correction day today, a Full Fat Fage day, to try to get down under that +2 mark.

I know that I promised you a longer post about my trip to San Francisco, but it’s already gotten kind of late… and I’m still really tired from the return-trip-of-doom… so I’ll give you a couple of “teaser pics” to tide you over, and I’ll work on the longer post for tomorrow. K?


Okay, this is obviously not a photo from this trip, this is a pic of hubby & I from June: Big difference in our faces!

Breakfast & snack was 16 oz of FFF with Toffee Stevia. Lunch was 8 oz FFF with cocoa powder & Chocolate Stevia. Dinner was 8 oz FFF, 2 oz spinach, 1 tbsp ground flax seed, & some water – blended into a smoothie.

Water count: 100 oz

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R2P3D5 – Live baby live, Now that the day is over…

Today: 216.2 / LIW: 216.4 / Net: -0.2

Well, the yogurt day seems to have helped. 🙂  Down 2.2 this morning. That’s a GOOD thing! Hopefully I’ll lose a bit more tomorrow morning – give myself a little bit of a buffer for my trip.

We’re heading to San Francisco tomorrow – where we’re meeting up with a friend from Pennsylvania & staying with some friends who live in the area. We’re going to spend several days “playing tourist”. Should be a lot of fun! (We’re going to try to sneak in some geocaching while we’re out and about, too!)

We’re going to have dinner tomorrow night at an Ethiopian restaurant (yum). Then Thursday will be a tour of Alcatraz & hitting Fishermans’ Wharf/Pier 39. Friday will be lunch at my friend’s restaurant, The Compass Star & ‘touring’ wine country. Our friend is heading back home on Saturday, but Hubby & I will be continuing our “touristness” by seeing the Winchester Mystery House & then dinner with other friends at Pampas (Brazillian BBQ!). THEN, we’re talking about going to Six Flags to ride rollercoasters! (I love rollercoasters!) Then… it’s a 3 hour drive home. 🙂

Okay… It’s gotten late, while I’ve farted around on the internet – buying tickets, booking hotel, etc. So, I’m going to wrap this up and go to bed!
Oh, yeah – I’ve updated my Progress Pictures with my current ones… Pretty amazing stuff, if I do say so myself. 🙂

Breakfast was eggs (cooked in coconut oil) and bacon & coffee/cream.
Lunch was tri tip & broccoli (with a bit of ranch dressing).
Dinner was creamy pesto chicken & asparagus. (Sauce was made by mixing together pesto, cream cheese, & chicken stock.)

Water count: 80 oz

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