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Whole30 – catching up, days 11 to 19

going to bed!Yup. I’m probably the worst blogger ever.  I always have good intentions… and then *poof*.

Ah well. That’s how I am, I guess.

The last week has been… good, I guess. The weather changing to fall always makes me need to sleep more, so I’ve often been eating dinner, playing a couple rounds of Candy Crush, and then wandering off to bed to read for about 15 minutes before falling asleep.  I have a ton of energy during the day and I’ve been waking up just a little bit before my alarm each morning, so I know that this Whole30 has been a great thing.

Last weekend we did a giant round of PROCESS ALL THE PLUMS. Our tree decided it was going to be ripe all at once and threw about 70 lbs of plums at us in 3 days.  So, I spent all day Saturday and Sunday canning and dehydrating.  We found some pectin that we don’t have to use sugar with, so I made a ton of jams that we’ll be able to eat ourselves. (I don’t eat a lot of jam, since I gave up bread…) It tastes good with almond butter AND it worked really well spread on a pork roast!  I also canned a big batch of spicy plum BBQ sauce. Which I can’t eat any of until after my Whole30 is over… since I used coconut sugar in the recipe.  I made a few jars of jam sweetened with Stevia, to share with my diabetic neighbor (he suggested Splenda… not gonna happen). And a bunch of jars with regular sugar (but a low amount) to give away as gifts to coworkers & such.  I managed to put up 36 pints of stuff, 6 trays of fruit leather, & about a pound of dried “plum chips”.  Pretty productive, actually. I still have about 2 gallons of plum slurry that I need to finish doing things with, though… Any suggestions?

Okay, if anyone wants to see what I’ve been eating over the past week, it’s behind the cut: Continue reading

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R3P2D12 –

Today’s weight: 207.4
today’s change:  -1.0
net change: -8.2

I’m still feeling really sick (achey, feverish, dizzy). I’m just going to post my food for the day & go back to sleep.

Breakfast was coffee/milk & some chicken.
Snack was a handfull of strawberries and a couple pieces of cocoa crack.
Lunch was chicken/cabbage soup.
Dinner was beef & Brussels sprouts.

Water count: 80 oz (& lots of tea)

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R3P2D10 – Fill my eyes with that double vision, No disguise for that double vision…

Today’s weight: 208.4
today’s change:  -0.8
net change: -7.2

I think I may be getting a cold or something… I’ve been pretty sneezy all week – and today I had a sore throat & wooziness. Bleh. I’ve just eaten dinner and I think I’m going to say ‘screw it’ to everything else I need to get done & go to bed early. (It’s currently only 6:30… but I’m exhausted & feel icky.)

Oh. The fff day doesn’t seem to have hurt anything on the weight loss front. Down 0.8 is a good amount.

I upped my protein a bit today, since I’m not feeling great – I know that my body needs more to fight off crud. Hopefully after some extra sleeping I’ll fell better tomorrow.

Breakfast was coffee/milk.
Snack was an apple.
Lunch was beef & yellow peppers.
Dinner was baked chicken with “radish hashbrowns”.

Water count: 80 oz

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R2P3D15 – Well I’ve got this feeling in the back of my head…

Today: 218.4 / LIW: 216.8 / Net: +1.6

Well, I’m up a bit, but at least it’s only .2 – not horrible. Not above the +2 dreaded correction cap, so that’s good.

Hubby suggested that maybe I’m not eating enough veggies… so I ate veggies with every meal today – maybe tomorrow I’ll be down? 🙂

I ended up not going for my run after work today… it was really windy out and I just couldn’t face that. I’m planning on doing W1D2 of the C25K tomorrow morning instead. I figure, even if it’s windy still, I’ll be in a better frame of mind. This week has just got me whooped. Work has been crazy-busy & I think I’ve figured out why I’ve been so dang tired all week… I’ve got a bit of a sore throat, been really sneezy, and well – probably fighting off a crud of some sort. Blech.

Bestie is coming over tomorrow for some sewing… We’re making new walls for her craft fair booth. We’ve already done the measuring… now we just have to wrestle with the yards & yards of canvas! LOL

Breakfast was green beans cooked in butter, bacon, & coffee.
Snack was macadamia nuts and a packet of Just The Cheese.
Lunch was a HUGE Cobb salad with blue cheese dressing.
Dinner was a chuck eye steak, roasted radishes, & chèvre-stuffed baby peppers.

Water count: 90 oz

(Oh, and if you know what song/band my title lyric is from… you win 50 internets – and you’re obviously one of my kind.  K~I know you know it already. LOL)

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R2P2D8 – I don’t know when to start or when to stop…

Today’s weight: 225.4
today’s change: -0.4
net change: -9.0

Still a bit ‘slow’ today… but, it’s in the right direction! LOL

I’m having some soreness in my breasts… Not sure what that’s about – I didn’t have it when I was doing the drops. :-/  Just achey & one is pretty tender. I guess I’ll give it a couple of days and see if it subsides. I’ve been reading through my usual forums & it seems that the tenderness is not unheard of. It just sucks… I keep catching myself holding myself! LOL

I think I may also be trying to fight off a creeping crud… Roomie is a bit sick & I’m just exhausted & have a bit of a sore throat. 😦  So, I’m going to make this short & go to bed early tonight.

Breakfast was coffee & water.
Snack was an apple & tea.
Lunch was turkey/mushroom chili.
Dinner was chicken/yellow squash cooked with tumeric & pepper and garlic melba.

Water count: 90 oz

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R1P4D21 – Get out, get out of my life and let me sleep at night…

Today: 235 / LDW: 239.6 / Net: -4.6

I got about 9 1/2 hours sleep last night… I’m hoping for at least 8 hours tonight. Maybe I can kick this stupid sore throat & exhaustion.  Still really wiped out… I don’t know why the heck I’m so dang tired.

I still have to finish packing for my weekend, so this is going to be pretty short. I’m going to a friend’s house out of town tomorrow for some scrapbooking. 🙂  I’ll try to post my weight in the morning before I head out, since it’s pretty unlikely that I’ll be able to post tomorrow night.

I didn’t have the greatest eating day – I just wanted happy-making Mexican food… So…

Breakfast was bisquick quiche, an apple, Dubliner cheese, & coffee/cream. Lunch was two tacos with some chips & salsa. Dinner was bratwurst and saurkraut. Dessert was an Atkins Endulge coconut bar.

Water count: 80 oz

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R1P4D20 – No one can save me, the damage is done…

Today: 236.6 / LDW: 239.6 / Net: -3.0

I think I’m trying to fight off a flu or something… I’ve been absolutely exhausted the past 3 days – and today I kept getting asked if I was feeling okay (even though I was feeling fine). One of the nurses looked at me and asked if I was anemic! (Never had that problem before, I usually have plenty of iron in my blood.)

Anyway, I’m under direct orders – by no fewer than 5 nurses – to go straight to bed when I got home. So, I’m going to go curl up with Senõr NyQuil and a book.

Oh, I did do my Slim in 6 video this morning before work. Yay.

Breakfast was eggs w/ cheese, bacon, & coffee/cream. Lunch was an ENORMOUS hamburger patty, a bit of cheese, sauteed mushrooms/peppers, and a mozzarella stick. I just ate a big handful of blueberries with a bit of cream, so I have a base for my NyQuil dose.

Water count: 80 oz

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