Whole30 – day 5

Holy cow, yesterday was brutal! Day 5 was apparently “Attack of the Sleepies”…
I was so tired last night that I’d decided to run to the grocery store and buy steaks to grill up rather than wait the 2+ hours that it would take for the roast to cook! I ended up going to bed super early (around 7:30, actually) and slept until almost 8 this morning. With a brief “up to let the dogs out to potty” around 11.  This morning, I woke up SORE, scratchy throat, and headachey. Like, my bones hurt sore.  I’m feeling a bit better after breakfast & coffee, but my joints are still feeling stiff & sore. I’m hoping it just the detoxing & not that I’m actually getting sick.

Hubby & I are supposed to go do the Edible Pedal tomorrow… I hope I’m feeling up to it!  We’re signed up to do the 50 miler, but I guess if worse comes to worse, we my just do the 10 miler & not stress it. We’ll go to the post-ride BBQ and enjoy some of the wonderful grilled meat & veggies. The last two years there were plenty of “Paleo” type foods, so I’m fairly certain we’ll find things we can eat that are Whole30.  (Don’t want to bomb on day 7!)

Breakfast – Poached eggs, sauteed kale. Black coffee.
Lunch – Mushroom chili.
Snack – Apple and almond butter.
Dinner –  Flat iron steak and roasted sweet potato with clarified butter.

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