Whole30 – day 1

So – day one is under my belt. Not too bad, really. I eat pretty clean most of the time anyway, so it’s not a huge change for me. The horribly hard part is going to be the no-eating-out for a month and not having dairy or wine. 🙂

Weighed in this morning at 186.6

I’m hoping that I’ll drop at least the 10 lb gain that I’ve put on in the last few months… more would be even better, but not a big deal.I also took pre-30 photos & I’ll most likely post them up with my afters at the end of this process. (I’m obviously not adverse to putting myself on the internet scantily clad. LOL)green curry chicken

Breakfast – 3 poached eggs, mushrooms & basil cooked in ghee, a handful of little tomatoes, black iced coffee.
Lunch – 2 turkey burger patties (Kirkland) with mustard, slices of 4 baby cucumbers in vinegar & avocado oil, an apple with almond butter.
Dinner – green curry chicken with broccoli/zucchini/cauliflower/sweet peppers.
Dessert –  handful of raspberries with some coconut cream.

I have a goal to eat vegetables with every meal. I’ve been slacking in that department the past few months…

I’m going to go away from the computer now & read for a little bit before sleepy time.

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