R4P2D8 – Some people say that life is a game…

Looking back down to Washoe Lake(taken February 2013)

Looking back down to Washoe Lake
(taken February 2013)

Today: 178.0 / LIW: 177 / Net: +1.0

Today was a crazy day at work… Was dealing with some accounts payable stuff and ended up working right through lunch. Fortunately, I had some pork rinds in my drawer, so I was able to munch something down – and the boss lady let me leave an hour early.

Leaving an hour early meant I was able to go for a run!! Yay!!! I made pretty good time, too. I did 2.6 miles in 34 minutes. That makes a bit over a 13 minute mile. Booyah! 5 minute warm up, then 8 rounds of run 2 min/walk 1 min, then a 5 min cool down.

So… who would have thought that it would be such a time suck finding a decent cricket ball?? I ended up ordering one off of Amazon.com – hopefully it arrives in time! I need it for my Fifth Doctor costume. 😀  I need to get to the fabric store some time in the next few days & find the stripey fabric for my skirt as well. Gotta get crackin’!  (Also need to drag hubby to Kohl’s to get a vest, white shirt, & tie to go with his suit for his Master outfit!)

Breakfast was pork rind fried chicken & mashed cauliflower, also coffee/cream.
Lunch and snack was hot & spicy pork rinds.
Dinner was tilapia and a salad made of tomatoes, sweet peppers, and avocado – with a bit of fontinella cheese.

Water count: 120 oz

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