R4P2D6 – Come come come play the game…

  • Today’s weight: 183.8
    today’s change:  -1.4
    net change: -7.2

Today, Hubby, Roomie, & I went over to Bestie’s house & played GAMES! We played Apples to Apples, Huggermugger, and Melarkey. Really enjoyed the first two, had a bit of a hard time with Melarkey… apparently, none of us are good at verbal bluffing! LOL  Oh well.

I packed my lunch, snack, & dinner to have over there, and I did good. No problems at all! I even managed to drink 3 bottles of water. 🙂

This morning was difficult, though… Hubby & I have a weekly ‘tradition’ of going to our local “greasy spoon” for breakfast on weekends… and, this was the first weekend of this round – so my brain kept screaming FEED ME OMELETTE!  Ah, well – I just drank my coffee & a bottle of water like a good girl & ignored my brain. I wasn’t really hungry… I think it was just habit!

Breakfast was coffee.
Snack was a cup of frozen blueberries.
Lunch was beef & radishes.
Dinner was broccoli and chicken soup (pureed the broccoli!).

Water count: 100 oz

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