R3P4D13 – Goddess on the mountain top, Burning like a silver flame…

Today: 207.8 / LIW: 206.2 / Net: +1.6

Well… Sorry I haven’t posted in a few days… But, I don’t seem to have enough hours in the day! My choice was to blog or to exercise. And, well, since I didn’t post for a few days – guess what I did! 🙂

On Saturday, Hubby & I decided to get our gaits assessed. There’s a running store in town that does it for free. And, since we were there… we both got new (really nice!) running shoes. Yay! We also hit Sierra Trading Post & got me some new riding gear – my pants were falling off & I really needed a jersey that fit. Then, we stopped into REI (sale day!) and got a bunch of stuff – including a nice bag to go onto the rack on my bike. It just slides right on & clips!  That evening, when hubby left to go game with friends, I went on a short 6 mile ride. Didn’t do a long one, since I was by myself & neither Hubby or Roomie were close enough to “rescue” me in case of a problem.

Sunday, Hubby & I went on the Verdi ride again. Ali was going to come with us… but when I texted her at 8:30 (the time we were going to meet up), she had just gotten up. LOL  So, we headed out on our own. Our pace was a little slower this week, but still, 11mph is nothing to sneeze at – especially with some of the hills on the route! Then, we went & saw Avengers again (woot!) – this time NOT in 3D.

I’m up a bit in weight today for a couple reasons – one, I didn’t drink enough water (at all) over the weekend. I only got in about 2L per day, instead of my usual 3… and it’s worse because I was exerting myself! The second reason is because I splurged with a 10″ Gluten Free pizza for supper -with a beer.  Oh well. Gotta live, right??

Today, Hubby & I broke in our running shoes. He joined me in my afternoon C25K run. We did 2 miles in the 30 minute program.

Oh! On Saturday, I had Hubby take a pic of me in my new bike gear.  And, I compared it to a pic taken back in September on a ride with Ali… HOLY COW, Obvious weight loss is obvious.


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One thought on “R3P4D13 – Goddess on the mountain top, Burning like a silver flame…

  1. Laina

    Wow, you look great!!

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