R3P3D21 – Sooner or later, Your legs give way, you hit the ground…

Today: 207.6 / LIW: 206.2 / Net: +1.4

Well, up just a skootch again today. *sigh*
I know I’m not the 2 pounds above LIW, but I decided to do a correction style day today anyway. I did a Full Fat Fage day. That means, 35 oz of Full Fat Greek Yogurt over the course of the day. I split it into 5 ‘meals’. Plus, I had half an avocado & 2 servings of CocoPro. So. Yeah.

So, the Seattle trip – Hubby & I had a nice time. But, as always, we were very glad that our time with the Fam was limited. 🙂  Let me tell you though, EVERYONE was amazed at how much weight we’d lost!
Anyhoo… We got up at way-too-frickin-early to catch our 7 am flight up. Flight was not too bad & we landed right around 9 am. AuntD & UncleP picked us up & took us for a little bit of shopping – since the party wasn’t until 4 pm. We were able to stop at an art supply store to get a gift card for the MIL, which was nice since we weren’t able to get it online without them mailing it.
We also walked down the hill to visit Hubby’s cousin’s friend’s (lol) little shop. It had some really cute stuff in it. Hubby bought a nice little card to send his mom for Mothers Day. Plus, there was a nice little coffee place in the same building. Yum! Then we walked back up the hill to help get the party decorating done, walked down the hill to the hotel to check in, walked back up the hill carrying several six-packs of beer & cider. (I should NOT have worn heels… jus’ sayin’.)
At 4, when the guest of honor arrived, when she buzzed to be let into the building – we had Hubby answer the door! She had NO CLUE we were in town. *giggle*  Her reaction was awesome.  She also didn’t know that her out-of-town sisters were in town, either. It was a perfect surprise! After the party, the fam trooped up to AuntL’s condo & visited for a few hours. That was nice.

On Sunday, Hubby & I were up early (which is usual for us) – so we grabbed some breakfast before meeting up with the fam again. (They’re all late risers!) We decided to wander around Pike Place Market before heading back to the airport for our flight home.

All in all, a good weekend.

Yesterday, I walked to & from work. The weather was beautiful. That, along with the walk to go get some lunch, was about 2.5 miles of walking. Yay!

Today, I had an appointment with my eye doctor, to discuss the possibilities of Lasik. I’m a good candidate for it. (woot!) But, wow, expensive. (boo!)  To go to the suggested place, even with my insurance ‘discount’, I’d be looking at around $4,500. Yikes.  We’ll have to think on that – and it’ll probably have to wait until next year. While it would be awesome to not have to wear glasses for our trip in November, I think it would be better to save that $$ to spend on our trip in November! LOL

Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks – Fage & 1/2 avocado.

Water count: 110 oz

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