R3P3D16 – On the floors of Tokyo, Down in London town’s a go-go…

Today: 205.4 / LIW: 206.2 / Net: -0.6

To make up for not being able to go for a ride yesterday, I did 40 minutes of my Dance Central 2 game on my Xbox Kinect. Yay! I love the dance games. I’m uncoordinated & flail around like an idiot, but they’re fun – and get me moving. 🙂
I think I’ll try to get some dance time in today as well – since we’re going to be out of town this weekend. And I’m unlikely to be able to get any exercise in. Gotta get it while the getting is good.

Our trip should be interesting… Hubby & I haven’t seen his family in ages and we’ve both lost a lot of weight since the last visit. Don’t know if anyone will say anything to us about it, though… His family tends to be pretty “proper”. Unlike my ‘family’ who post comments on other people’s Facebook pages on photos I’ve been tagged in. *grrr* (Can you tell I’m still irritated about that??)

Bleh. I still need to figure out what I’m going to wear this weekend, too… Guess I’d better go do some laundry…

Breakfast was Fage with some almond butter & CocoaPro and coffee/cream.
Snack was Just The Cheese.
Lunch was a southwest steak salad with chipotle bacon ranch dressing.
Dinner was carnitas with sauteed peppers & mushrooms.
Dessert was chocolate mug cake.

Water count: 90 oz


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