R3P3D4 – All day long they work so hard, Till the sun is goin’ down…

Today: 206.2 / LIW: 206.2 / Net: -0.0

Oy… Tired Me is Tired…

The weather was beautiful today – got up to around 88 degrees. And, that means it was time to start getting the yard in order & planting out seedlings for our garden this year!   Hubby & I hit Home Depot & picked up the raised beds we’d decided we liked.  We also picked up some cinder blocks so I could level out the gravel in our side-driveway. And a couple more plants… and many bags of Steer Manure…

Got home & Hubby went to work on putting together the beds, while I shoveled gravel & put in the new cinder-edging. I got done first. LOL

So, that gravel bed over there —–>
It was, before I started today, just a big mound of gravel – which made that area pretty much unusable. I had to move the gravel more into the pile, so I could dig down & inset the cinders into the bed dirt. Then, I filled the holes in the cinders with the gravel & then leveled out the pile. Looks so much better now. 🙂

I also spent around an hour getting started on the front walk bed – where we’re going to plant the tomatoes & peppers.  I only got about a third of the way done with that, though. I got one of the many bags of manure tilled into the first 3 feet of planter. And then I planted a couple of blueberry bushes & a banana pepper plant.  I also planted strawberries in a strawberry pot, which we’ll keep on the front porch, and a couple of mint plants (Apple Mint & Spearmint) into a railing planter box.

I plan on getting the rest of the bed tilled with manure tomorrow & then get the tomatoes & sweet peppers planted.  Hubby will finish filling the raised beds & plant the rest of the seedling sprouts. I don’t remember what all we are planting – I know we’ve got radishes & Brussels sprouts… And, I think cauliflower. And I know there’s other stuff, but he’s in charge of the growing things – plants usually come to me for assisted suicide. I mean, really, who but me can kill off mint??

Okay. I’m gonna wrap this up and go fall asleep on the couch. LOL

Breakfast was half of an omelette with bacon, sausage, mushrooms, peppers, & jack cheese with sour cream & salsa and coffee with half & half.
Lunch was a small mozzarella & tomato salad and a double order of seared ahi and Asian slaw. (BJ’s Restaurant)
Dinner was two deviled egg halves and a small steak cooked in butter.

Water count: 110 oz

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