R3P2D9 – Yeah, Brylcream, a little dab’ll do yah, Oh, I could do some cruising too …

Today’s weight: 209.2
today’s change:  -0.6
net change: -6.4

And, I keep plugging along…

I decided today that I didn’t want to even think about what to cook… so I concluded that today was to be a fat-free Fage (fff) day! Yay! Nothing but yogurt – so simple!  It’s “rogue”, but I don’t really care at this point. (I may care later, if it causes stabilization issues… but who knows!) One of my friends who’s done several rounds said that she does a fff day several times a month. And has had no problems at all. I figured it would be a nice/easy change-up from my normal routine. And I didn’t have to make dinner. ;-)  I went with part fat-free & part 2% Fage, to mimic the fat/calorie content of a regular food day.

Of course, now I’m feeling REALLY full… and, I’m done with yogurt for a while. LOL

Breakfast was coffee/milk & 7 oz 2% Fage with a scoop of Coco-Pro.
Snack  was 7 oz fff with a scoop of Coco-Pro.
Lunch was 10 oz fff with English Toffee Stevia.
Dinner was 7 oz 2% Fage with Vanilla Creme Stevia & 1 tsp cinnamon.

Water count: 80 oz

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