R3P2D5 – Been running so long, I’ve nearly lost all track of time…

Today’s weight: 212.6
today’s change:  -1.2
net change: -3.0

I’m only 1 pound from breaking into the “overweight” category of BMI!!  No more “obese” for me, baby! (Or, “grossly obese” – which I was at the beginning of this journey.)

Now, normally you won’t see me talking about BMI. Mostly because I think it’s bullshit. If you’re muscular and/or dense boned (which I am, both) there’s no way in hell one can get into the “normal” range while still being healthy.  I mean, seriously? 135-160 pounds? Not gonna happen. The last time I weighed that little? Jr High. Yeah. And I was thin! Just tall & muscular & heavy boned. This me at age 12 – right around 135 pounds.  (And 5’7″ish, I think.)

Who knows, maybe I’ll get into the high end. But I seriously doubt it. And I’m certainly not going to kill myself  to try to get there. I’ll just be happy to be back under 200 pounds and healthy.

Soo… I was so sidetracked by the beta yesterday — that I forgot to do my injection!!  I guess it was a really good thing that it would have been injection 7, so it just works as a skip day.  Probably a better idea anyway, as this is probably going to be a ‘long’ round. Most likely at least 30, if not the full 40 injections. I only skipped one day last round – and that was to adjust my dosage. But, that was a short round, with only 24 injections. So. Yeah.

I’m so glad it’s finally the weekend. It’s been a pretty ferocious week at work. I’ve been breathing paper dust all week & I’m covered in paper cuts. But, I’ve finally gotten mostly caught up with the filing…  Of course, now that I am, one of the Secretaries will be on vacation next week – which means I have to do her data entry. Which will cause me to get backed up again. *sigh* Just can’t win.

This weekend is going to go by super fast, though. So much to get done. Gotta do some grocery shopping – almost out of meat! Plus, Bestie & I are going to be spraying down the new walls for the craft fair booth with fire retardant stuff…  that’ll be fun. (riiigghhttt) And, I really need to get more of my glass mushrooms done & get them photographed with Bestie’s Fairy Cottages. The San Jose Fantasy Fair is next weekend… and it would probably help if I had something to sell in our booth. LOL!

I’ve now farted around on the internet again for several hours – and I’m sleepy… So, this is what you’re all getting tonight. LOL

Breakfast was coffee/milk.
Snack was an apple.
Lunch was chicken & onion.
Dinner was a beef & spinach pinwheel. (OMG! So yum!)

Water count: 96 oz

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