R2P3D21 – Light beams from outer space, Drifting to your satellite…

Today: 217.8 / LIW: 216.8 / Net: +1.0

Sorry I didn’t post yesterday… things were crazy hectic. I was working on organizing my guest room (which is where I also keep all of my sewing/crafting supplies) until after 11pm last night! Once I wrapped up in there, I was so exhausted, I just went to bed. Didn’t even think about the computer!

After work yesterday was my nail appointment – and knowing I was going to be cleaning once I got home, I just couldn’t face cooking. So, I was super-naughty & picked up Vietnamese on the way home. I know it was not a smart choice… but it was yummy! (And I only _slightly_ regret the 2.8 pounds of water retention this morning.)

Of course… after spending hours working on the guest room… our guests may or may not be coming after all. There’s a storm due in tomorrow night – and they can’t chance being stuck on this side of the hill… One of them has to drive to SoCal on Sunday night for work on Monday (yuck), which means being able to head home after breakfast on Sunday. They’re going to look at the weather forecast tonight & discuss… and let me know.  I hope they do make it over, we’re looking forward to seeing them. But, I totally understand if they don’t – getting to work is important. 🙂

So, anyway. As I said above, I gained 2.8 this morning (I was down to 215 yesterday), so I’m doing a protein/fat day with lots of water. Hopefully I can get rid of some of this water retention.

Tomorrow night will be my first shot of R3! Loading on Saturday & Sunday! I’m excited… but I’m also not looking forward to the more stringent rules of the VLC days. I’m so close to my goal weight! Only about 20 pounds or so. (I may try to hit 190, to see if I can maintain there.) My general plan is to stay on R3P2 until I hit goal weight, or as long as I can keep myself motivated.

Oh! Exciting news! My friend, MizzM, is trying the Protocol out! She’s got the ‘stuff’ for a 24-26 day round. I’m hoping it works as well for her as it has for me…  I know she’s been pretty unhappy with her weight for a while now. She, also, has been trying diet & exercise. And, she’s pretty much just maintained for ages now. She has a blog, too, but I don’t know if she’ll be blogging this process. Perhaps she’ll let us know in the comments. 😉

I still occasionally feel that I’m “cheating” by using the hCG protocol – but cutting my calories & exercising was NOT working for me! I had initially lost about 35 pounds (over a year and a half), but then NOTHING for almost a year! Talk about distressing. Really makes you wonder why you’re working so hard – to not have anything happening. I really think that that long-ago doctor who basically put me on a starvation diet really f’ed up my system. I’m of the full opinion that the hCG process really has  reset my insulin responses. I know that this process has made me change my relationship with food. I’m in a better frame of self (if I may mix my metaphors) and I care more about *me* now.

The great thing is that with the weight loss I’ve had so far, I’m physically able to do more exercise.  Last time, when I tried to do the couch to 5k program, I only managed a couple of days before giving up. Twice. Now, I’ve got way more energy – and while it’s a struggle, I can totally see myself being able to eventually run an entire 5k. And I’m excited!  Of course, I won’t be running during the VLC phase… that would probably not be safe. Eating only 500 calories a day does not leave a lot of extra there for high intensity workouts.  But, I’m aiming to walk a couple miles every day. I’ve been walking a half mile every day, just taking a break at work, but I’m going to pump it up so I can jump right back into the C25K when I get back to P3.

Okay. I’m going to go to bed early tonight – to try to make up for my super late night yesterday.  *fingers crossed* that tomorrow’s weight goes in the right direction!

Wednesday food:
Breakfast was  butter chicken, riced cauliflower, eggs, & a Venti Iced Breve Latte from Starbucks.
Lunch was a really big Cobb salad with blue cheese dressing.
Dinner was Bun Thit Nuong (bbq pork noodle bowl).
Water count: 80 oz

Food today:
Breakfast was 7 oz pork chop with blue cheese sauce, 3 slices bacon, and coffee/cream.
Lunch was 5 oz beef brisket sauteed with a bit of onion, with a dollop of ricotta cheese.
Snack was 1 oz macadamia nuts & Just The Cheese.
Dinner was 4 oz Rib Eye steak.

Water count: 110 oz

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