R2P3D15 – Well I’ve got this feeling in the back of my head…

Today: 218.4 / LIW: 216.8 / Net: +1.6

Well, I’m up a bit, but at least it’s only .2 – not horrible. Not above the +2 dreaded correction cap, so that’s good.

Hubby suggested that maybe I’m not eating enough veggies… so I ate veggies with every meal today – maybe tomorrow I’ll be down? 🙂

I ended up not going for my run after work today… it was really windy out and I just couldn’t face that. I’m planning on doing W1D2 of the C25K tomorrow morning instead. I figure, even if it’s windy still, I’ll be in a better frame of mind. This week has just got me whooped. Work has been crazy-busy & I think I’ve figured out why I’ve been so dang tired all week… I’ve got a bit of a sore throat, been really sneezy, and well – probably fighting off a crud of some sort. Blech.

Bestie is coming over tomorrow for some sewing… We’re making new walls for her craft fair booth. We’ve already done the measuring… now we just have to wrestle with the yards & yards of canvas! LOL

Breakfast was green beans cooked in butter, bacon, & coffee.
Snack was macadamia nuts and a packet of Just The Cheese.
Lunch was a HUGE Cobb salad with blue cheese dressing.
Dinner was a chuck eye steak, roasted radishes, & chèvre-stuffed baby peppers.

Water count: 90 oz

(Oh, and if you know what song/band my title lyric is from… you win 50 internets – and you’re obviously one of my kind.  K~I know you know it already. LOL)

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