R2P3D4 – She was a bebop baby on a hard day’s night…

Today: 218.4 / LIW: 216.4 / Net: -2.0

Urgh. I though I was being really good yesterday! *sigh* Maybe it just took 2 days of gains to go through that bread on Saturday?

So, 2 pounds above last injection – that means… duh duh duh dahhhhh! Correction Day! Rather than the usual “Steak Day” called for by Simeon’s protocol, I’m doing something that has been done by lots of folks on hcgdietinfo.com : a Full Fat Fage Day. Basically, I’m eating yummy creamy Greek yogurt all day. And 6 oz of blueberries. We’ll have to see if it works for me, too!  Unfortunately, Full Fat Fage is apparently impossible to find around here. But, it was suggested on the boards to take the 2% and add heavy whipping cream to it. So, that’s what I did. I bought four of the 7oz yogurts & mixed in 3 tbsp of cream into each serving. But, boy, I am now totally yogurt-ed out!

On the GOOD NEWS ™ front… Hubby & I purchased our tickets today!! We are now REALLY TRULY going to New Zealand & Australia in November!!! *giddygiddygiddy* We’ll be spending 5 nights in NZ & 8 in Melbourne.

Right now, our only “plan” is to spend one day of the NZ leg at Hobbiton. We’re going to do the “Sheep Ranch” experience, the tour, & stay at one of the local farms. We’re not sure what else we’re going to do there – we’ll be staying on the North island this go. So, we’re thinking maybe a drive up to the northern most point or a drive down to Hawkes Bay for some winery-ness.

Melbourne – no clue yet… We’ll be staying with friends there, so we’ll probably be just going along with whatever they suggest for the area. 🙂

Breakfast was yogurt with cocoa powder & 1/4 tsp erythritol.
Lunch was yogurt with 3 oz blueberries & vanilla creme Stevia.
Snack was the same as breakfast.
Dinner was the same as lunch.
Total calories for the day came out to 1,350.

Water count: 90 oz

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5 thoughts on “R2P3D4 – She was a bebop baby on a hard day’s night…

  1. Good luck! And more importantly congrats on booking the trip! I love that feeling you get, when now you KNOW you have something to look forward to.

    • Thanks & Thanks!! I’m still floating this morning, _knowing_ that we’re for-sure going. (We’ve been “talking about going” for years…)
      And, the yogurt day does seem to have helped! I’m down 2.2 today. Yay! Now, hopefully, it won’t bounce back up. 🙂

  2. GOOD LUCK I am waiting for my hcg to arrive this week. You will LOVE the HOBBITON farm. I went there in 2007. So awesome.

  3. i see most if not all your blog titles are 80′s song lyrics LOVE IT !!! when u saw Foreigner, was it a joint show with STYX ? What do u like to cosplay ? i am getting a DARK SAILOR MERCURY costume for DRAGON CON this year. I am seeing GOWAN in 3 weeks and cant wait. Thanks for the comment

    • LOL! They are – I’m _such_ an 80’s geek. 😉 The show I saw on Saturday was actually just Foreigner.
      Video Game characters is pretty much what I’m looking at doing. I’ve not done a real ‘cosplay’ yet – but I’ve dressed up in different period costumes for stuff (Viking era all the way through 1980’s). I totally want to do Telma from Legend of Zelda & I have grand plans for a Jagergirl outfit from Girl Genius.
      I really want to go to D*C – but, it’s going to have to wait until 2014. LOL Too many other things going on!

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