R2P3D2 – This time I had a good time, ain’t got time to wait…

Today: 216.2 / LIW: 216.4 / Net: -0.2


The Foreigner concert tonight was flipping AWESOME!! My throat is killing me… And I’m probably going to be super sore tomorrow. But, it was so worth it. Dancing, singing, screaming. Yeah, baby.

We got to meet (briefly) the band & get our photo taken with them. We were told that we couldn’t do “personal photos” or get autographs, though. Hopefully the pro photos that were taken will be up on the website soon… I can’t wait to see it!

I truly hate most of the concert venues here in town… And, unfortunately, the venue that this concert was at is one of the worst.  It’s not a problem with acoustics… it’s not a problem with the view… The big problem is that it’s in a casino, so most of the best seats are ‘comped’ to people who gamble a lot. Now, these people usually have NO FLIPPING IDEA who it is they’re seeing. And, most of the them don’t care. It’s a free show to them. And, heaven for-fucking-bid that you are standing up & dancing & enjoying the show and blocking even a bit of their sorry-ass-still-in-their-seats-view.
Truly, I feel really bad for the bands, though… all of the “prime” seats have these people in them, who are just sitting there staring at the band. Not dancing, not singing along, not even frigging clapping to the beat. The first two songs were awesome, but no one was out of their seats! (Not even us yet, because we’ve been told before by that venue to sit back down.) Not until the band said “You may not have been told… that this is not a sitting concert!” that people got up. And, seriously, most of them sat right back down within half a song.
NOT US! That was all the invitation we needed! Didn’t sit down again until the band took their final bows & the lights came up!

Hubby, Roomie, & I went out after breakfast and did some clothes shopping today… I was pretty much out of clothes that fit! I had a couple pairs of jeans & 2 blouses. Not really gonna work for daily wear!  But, I have to say, I love thrift stores! You can find some really awesome stuff for really cheap. 🙂  I got 6 pairs of slack & a dozen or so blouses and hubby got 5 pairs of slacks & 6 shirts for right around $140. Then, I got another 4 blouses & some camisoles at Ross for $60. Lots of clothes for $200. Yay!

Food today was… special today.  I tried (mostly) to eat on-plan… but I splurged in a couple of places, so hopefully I don’t have to do a steak-day tomorrow.

Breakfast was half of: 3-egg omelette with Polish sausage, bacon, onion, mushroom, bell pepper, & jack cheese. Sour cream & salsa. Cottage cheese. Coffee with half & half.
Lunch was the other half of breakfast & coffee with heavy cream.
Dinner was: appetizer of Spicy Tuna Tartar (Fresh Yellow Fin Tuna with a slightly sweet and spicy dressing served over fresh spaghetti-cut cucumber salad with minted Sake vinaigrette, thick Indonesian soy and Siracha. A glass of Pinot Grigo. Dinner was 4 lamb chops, snap peas, & spaghetti squash. My big splurge was that I went ahead and had a piece of the table bread – it was heavenly! Cheese Bacon Garlic bread with butter.

Water count: 90 oz.
(About a mile of walking, 2 hours of trying on clothes, then an hour and a half of dancing – I think I got a little exercise in today…)

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