R2P3D1 – I would climb any mountain, Sail across a stormy sea…

Today: 216 / LIW: 216.4 / Net: -0.4

I swear, it feels like I didn’t get ANYTHING accomplished at work today! Someone is out on vacation (again), which means I have to cover some of her job – which means it’s that much less time that I have to do MY job. *sigh*

I did get some INCREDIBLE news today, though… I entered a contest with our local radio station, to win dinner/backstage passes/ concert tickets to see Foreigner on Saturday. AND I WON!!! So, awesome!! Bestie & I are going to have a girls-night-out and ROCK IT!

I ate way too much today… I actually feel sort of uncomfortable right now. But dinner was super-yummy! I need to get the rest of my water down before I toddle off to bed, though.

(And, as a side note/complaint… I’m really irritated with Hubby’s procrastination right now. I asked him to do something in particular ON WEDNESDAY. Here it is Friday night, and he hasn’t done it. And he can’t do it now, because it requires the damn bank to be open. *grr*)

Anyhoo… Food for today:
Breakfast was coffee WITH CREAM! Yay! Bacon & eggs.
Snack was cauliflower & ranch.
Lunch was a Carl’s Jr Cheeseburger, in a lettuce wrap. (I didn’t have time to come home & cook… had to get to the radio station to pick up mah tickets!)
Dinner was cinnamon chicken & cheese stuffed baby bell peppers.

Water count: 90 oz (once I finish my bottle)

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