R2P2D25 – You wanna live, you wanna move to the sound…

Today: 215.2 / LIW: 216.4 / Net: -1.2

So apparently, the little bit of “naughty” last night at the party did me no harm. Yay!

Today was another looonnngggg day, though, so this is going to be a short one… I had to drive down to our Alternate Delivery Site office (36 miles each way) to do their filing & deceased chart audits (plus, fix a phone, check the server room, & set up the fancy photocopier to be able to scan to the network). See? Long day. 😀  THEN, I had a hair appointment – THEN, I had a nail appointment. *whew*

It’s so funny to see people I haven’t seen in a while! Today, one of my co-workers, who hasn’t actually seen me in about a month (she’s a field employee) was _shocked_ to see me. She said she almost didn’t recognize me! *grin* Well… I have lost almost 20 pounds since I saw her last, so makes some sense… plus, the last few times she DID see me, I was sitting behind a desk… While the change in my face is noticeable, it’s not nearly so much as the rest of me!  (Yes, I’ll do new progress pics this weekend, I promise!)

I really can’t wait to see my parents in a couple of weeks, for my annual birthday dinner! I haven’t seen them since Christmas, and I’ve dropped another 25 pounds since then. 😀  Plus, Hubby & I will be spending time with some friends in the Bay Area this next week – some of which I haven’t seen since over 50 pounds ago! *giddy* (Yes, it’s pretty vain… but I LOVE getting all the comments about how good I look. 😉  )

Breakfast was coffee/water & eggs. (Oooh, tomorrow – cream & bacon!!)
Snack was blueberries.
Lunch was flank steak.
Dinner was leftovers from the party, since as of 7pm, I’m in P3 (yay! low carb!) – carrots, broccoli, celery, cauliflower & ranch dressing and about 3 oz of cheese cubes.

Water count: 80 oz

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