R2P2D24 – The time has come to make or break, Break out…

Today: 215.6 / LIW: 216.4 / Net: -0.8

I’ll go ahead and transition into my +/- weight format now, since yesterday was my LIW. Makes it easier to track if I go over that 2 pound mark…

My Tupperware party was tonight. There wasn’t a huge turn-out, but everyone who came bought something, so I got some good “hostess” bonuses. 🙂 I’m exhausted, though… it’s way past bedtime & the dogs are looking at me accusingly.

I was a bit naughty tonight… I had just a touch of ranch dressing with my veggies, I also ate a tiny bite of the chocolate cake that she demonstrated in the microwave cooker thing. Plus, I had a very small glass of white wine.  We’ll see tomorrow how much damage I did, considering that today was only day 2 (of 3) of my VLC transition. Hopefully enough of the hCG will have left my system to not cause me to skyrocket tomorrow!

Breakfast was coffee/water & 2 eggs. (Don’t ever microwave eggs… that was gross)
Snack was strawberries.
Lunch was flank steak.
Snack 2 was the above mentioned naughty.
Dinner was Fage 0% Greek yogurt.

Water count: 80 oz

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3 thoughts on “R2P2D24 – The time has come to make or break, Break out…

  1. I don’t think you were that naughty! I can’t imagine that those tiny indulgences can have done any harm as the rest of the day you were so good!

    • Aww, thanks!
      Actually, this morning showed that it was no-harm/no-foul. 🙂 No gain on my morning weigh-in! Yay!
      And, it was really nice to be able to participate with the glass of wine – I just nursed the one small glass for a couple of hours. And, being a foodie, I _really_ wanted to taste how the chocolate cake was when microwaved in their special cooker. (We really only use the microwave to melt butter or reheat the occasional things – stuff cooked in it is often weird or gross!) The cake was not bad, by the way… oddly extra fluffy, more sponge-like, but tasted okay.

  2. There! I new it would be OK!! Never tried micro cooking for cake, but it’s great for fish, chicken, and vegies!

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