R2P2D22 – Boom boom acka-lacka lacka boom…

Today’s weight: 216.8
today’s change: 0.8
net change: -17.6

Well, tomorrow is the “big day”… My “LIW” (Last Injection Weight) day for Round 2! It is super-highly-unlikely that I’ll hit the 20 pound mark… but, that’s okay, really 18 pounds in 23 days is pretty awesome. And, if this round is anything like last round – I’ll still lose a bit during P3/P4. I lost just over 6 pounds last time.

I’m planning on jumping back into the Slim in 6 stuff, in about a week. (I want to give my body time to build it’s energy reserves back up. Just cleaning the house has been leaving me exhausted!) Maybe even trying the P90X! Hubby was doing the P90X, but ended up having to cut WAYYY back. He was eating as much as he could stand to, and was still dropping weight pretty fast. He feels that he’s at the weight he wants to be at, so… Instead of 6 times a week, he’s doing 3 or so. He really doesn’t need to be any skinnier… he’s looking really slim now!

Oh! And, I’ll do new photos on Saturday… I think I’m right around 20 pounds less than my last set.

So, my living room is now SPOTLESS! Let’s see if we can keep it that way until Wednesday. LOL  Hubby got started on the den, I just need to tidy up the bookshelves & clear my desk. We’ll do a quick carpet shampoo in there tomorrow as well.  Roomie has gotten started on the kitchen. Yay! Things are coming together!
Now, I just need to figure out what sort of munchie I want to serve at my party! It’s a “wine” party… so maybe I’ll just do a veggie/cheese/bread platter… hmm…

Breakfast was coffee/water & Fage.
Snack was an apple
Lunch was shrimp.
Dinner was turkey/mushroom chili.

Water count: 90 oz

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