R2P2D21 – Try to shake it loose, cut it free, let it go, get it away from me…

Today’s weight: 217.6
today’s change: 0.0
net change: -16.8

Really? Again? *sigh*  Guess it wasn’t the eggs, since I didn’t have any yesterday.
I went ahead and did another protein day today. Hopefully I can drop another pound or two by Tuesday. That would be nice.  But, even if I don’t, 16.8 pounds is nothing to sneeze at!

I think that I’m leaning toward doing this as a regular round, rather than cycling… I’ll finish up the VLCD on Thursday night, the 3 weeks of P3, then I’ll do P4 until after our trip up north the first weekend of May. That will make things easier when we’re travelling & I won’t have to be strict low-carb for our trip. (I would be in the first week of low-carb that weekend, if I cycled as I originally planned.)

Well, I worked on my living room all weekend… The DVD shelves are organized & logged. Two of the three book shelves are organized (& dusted). The entertainment center is organized. I dumped an entire bottle of extra strength Febreeze on the carpet – there’s a corner that’s been whiffy since before we moved in (prior tenant’s cats used to use that corner as a litter area! yuck!). It’s now drying, hopefully that deals with the problem.  I’ve got Roomie geared up to work on the kitchen over the next couple of days, and I’ll be nagging Hubby until he helps with the den.  So, I’m getting closer to being ready for the Tupperware invasion on Wednesday!

Breakfast was coffee/water & 2 poached eggs.
Snack was 100g beef.
Lunch was 100g beef.
Dinner was 100g beef.
Took me to right around 600 calories for the day. We’ll see what happens on the scale in the morning.

Water count: 90 oz

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