R2P2D18 – Vote for me! (Pretty, pretty please…)

Today’s weight: 219.0
today’s change: -0.4
net change: -15.4

Sooo… Remember that picture of me in my fancy coat that I posted a couple of days ago??  I’m up for a vote on the website where I bought it! http://www.chicstar.com/community/photoscore.aspx?id=1994  I would love, love, love to have your votes!! (I could win $100, if I get the most votes. 😀  ) Will only take a sec, and I’d really appreciate it!

Anywhoo – back to my regularly scheduled blog…
Meh. 1.6 in the last 5 days… not so great.
I’ve not been hungry (any more than usual), but I’m going to skip tonight’s dose. Since a lot of folks usually do a skip day once a week, and I haven’t yet. We’ll see if that helps at all (or if I’m _starving_ tomorrow LOL).

I also did a ‘mini steak day’ – some folks, instead of doing an apple day, do that. Basically, I ate 300g of beef & 3/4 cup of 0% Fage today. It’ll be interesting to see what tomorrow’s weigh in will bring. 🙂

It probably doesn’t help that I seem to be coming down with something.  Worn out, achey, a bit of a sore throat, a bit of a headache…  Roomie has been low-grade sick for the past week or so.  Plus, I’ve not really been going to sleep early enough.  So, I’m going to wrap this up & toddle off to bed early tonight.

Water count: 90 oz

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One thought on “R2P2D18 – Vote for me! (Pretty, pretty please…)

  1. I voted for you and shared it and asked other people to vote. I started feeling ill on Tuesday and am still blah. I hope that you get better soon.

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