R2P2D13 – Face to face in secret places feel the chill…

Today’s weight: 220.6
today’s change: -1.6
net change: -13.8

Wow! A bit of a woosh there… I can’t believe how close to the 210’s I am! Maybe tomorrow??

Today was a really fun day, even if it was weird eating-wise…
Hubby & I met up with Bestie, MrM, their kids Boy-o and Gabs, and ALL our doxies (there are 5 between us!) for a morning of hiking & geocaching.

We did about a mile and a half, probably, of hiking. It was a lot steeper in places than I expected, but we all plugged along. Even our chunky doxies. 😀

And found our first ever geocache! Yay! We signed the log book, left a small stuffed pig with wings & took a neat painted spoon. We also found the spot where another cache was supposed to be, but the cache was gone. 😦  It’s very sad when that happens… but, it was fun tromping around in the brush looking for it. LOL

We grilled meat and veggies (well, I baked my radishes) and then watched The Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’hoole. It was a fun movie. Not one I would usually choose for myself, but I still enjoyed it. It’s been a REALLY long, active day – the dogs are EXHAUSTED and I’m not much further behind. 🙂

Here’s a few pictures of our hike:


I finally got contacted by the Tupperware lady… and we’ve rescheduled. 🙂  This is a good thing – gives me another week or so to get my house ‘company ready’. Plus, a few students from the University are wanting to sit in on one of her parties – and have offered up paying for wine for it. So, I get to be the lucky hostess! I don’t mind if a couple extra people are there. And wine is good. (Bonus, by rescheduling out a couple of weeks, I’ll be into P3 – so I’ll get to have some of the wine!)

Breakfast was coffee/water, plus I had a poached egg + egg white.
Snack was an apple.
Didn’t eat lunch – just didn’t happen. :-/
Dinner was beef & radishes.
Snack was 3/4 cup fat free Fage, to get my protein/calories up.

Water count: 90 oz

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