R2P2D12 – Eenie meenie mynie moe, tell me where you wanna go…

Today’s weight: 222.2
today’s change: -1.0
net change: -12.2

Now, THAT’S a lot of 2’s… lol
I was super happy to see all those twos, also… meant I managed to get enough water in yesterday. Yay!

Fridays at work are ‘casual’, so that means I get to wear jeans. The pair I wore last week were starting to get pretty big on me. So, I pulled some jeans off of the next shelf up, AND THEY FIT! I had separated my pants a back in November into “fits now”, “a bit too snug”, “can’t fasten”, & “not even close”. Each of these were put on their own shelves in my closet. I also put the “hahaha, wishful thinking” into a suitcase on the top shelf (these were the ones I couldn’t get up past my thighs).
As it stands now, the first two shelves of pants have been given away & that “can’t fasten” shelf are the ones that are getting too big! *giddy* The pants I wore today? From the “not even close” shelf!!! They are a standard size 18 (not Women’s!) from Old Navy! *more giddy*  And I didn’t have muffin top over them! *extreme giddy*  I may have to break out those “haha” pants here pretty soon! Woot!  (I actually took a picture of my belly in the not even close pants… I’ll have to see if those pants fit me now & post that before/after!)

Hubby, Bestie, MrM (Bestie’s hubby), & I are going to go on a small hike tomorrow & maybe try and find a geocache or two.  Geocaching has fascinated me for a while, but it always seemed like so much effort. LOL  Now, I’m raring to get outside & Do Stuff.  I’m really excited about it.  Then, we’re going to go over to Bestie’s house & bbq (mine will cook super-fast LOL) and maybe watch movies or play a game. 🙂

Breakfast was coffee/water.
Snack was an apple.
Lunch was beef & yellow squash.
Dinner was tilapia & mushrooms.
Dessert was strawberries & melba.

Water count: 90 oz

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One thought on “R2P2D12 – Eenie meenie mynie moe, tell me where you wanna go…

  1. That’s double WOOT WOOT! Fantastic! The feeling of wearing clothes you wouldn’t have dreamed possible is just fuel to the fitness fire! Congratulations!! Let me know when you go from giddy to breaking down in tears of joy in the dressing room… I want to be one of the first to say “atta girl”! Keep it up!

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