R2P2D7 – The drum beats out of time….

Today’s weight: 225.8
today’s change: -0.6
net change: -8.6

Well, really don’t know if my slower loss today is from the blueberries/yogurt… or if I’m just slowing down to a more “normal” rate of loss…  Could be either (or both)!  We’ll see what tomorrow brings. 🙂

Today was less of a “hungry” day…. so that’s good.

I did something really nice with the tilapia for dinner tonight.  Took the frozen filets & put them in a zip lock with a couple tablespoons of lemon juice, pepper, garlic, & sea salt. Let them thaw in the fridge for about 4 hours, then cubed them & sauteed them in a bit of broth with some spinach. Yum!!  That’ll totally be a recipe I use even in ‘normal’ eating! (Hubby & Roomie approved as well.)

I did manage to get a short walk in today… but no grocery store like I should have. That means I need to go tomorrow after work. We’re down to 3 apples & no meat but beef! Plus, we’re pretty much out of veggies. Can’t have that!

Breakfast was an apple, coffee, & water.
Lunch was beef flank & cucumbers.
Snack was a cup of coffee with 1/2 a scoop of Coco-Pro stirred in.
Dinner was tilapia, spinach, & garlic melba.

Water count: 90 oz

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2 thoughts on “R2P2D7 – The drum beats out of time….

  1. that recipe sounds good! I wonder if it would work with other fish?

    • Probably! I really wanted a lemon/pepper taste to it… but I _hate_ commercial “lemon pepper” – it always tastes ‘fake’ to me! This was Soooooo much better! (and healthy to boot! lol)
      I can see this going well on salmon or orange roughy. Not sure about Mahi Mahi or tuna, though… Ohh, it would probably be awesome with shrimp, too!

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