R2P2D6 – You don’t have to dream it all, just live a day…

Today’s weight: 226.4
today’s change: -1.6
net change: -8.0

Holy toledo!! Eight pounds already! And, today was my 9th injection… Plus, there’s the 3 pounds I gained from loading.  So, woohoo!!

I was a lazy bum all day today… did nothing but play World of Warcraft! LOL  Well, and make lunch & dinner… but, still.  I had intended to work on organizing my bookshelves or scanning in my DVD collection or… something productive. But, it was not to be. 🙂

With the cost of fuel going up, the airlines a raising prices… I understand why, but I still think it sucks.  We’ll probably be able to get our Australia flights for the same price I found them for last month – but the Mexico flights went up over $400!! (Seriously… it’s cheaper to fly to Hawaii!)
So, we’ve pretty much decided to eat the $99 I spent on the hotel voucher (it has to be used before March 31) and not go.  We were trying to decide what to do instead – when we found out a friend is going to be in California (he’s from Pennsylvania) that same time frame!  So… Hubby & I decided that we’ll trek over the hill and stay over in that neck of the woods for a few days so we can see him! (And lots of our other friends who live over there, that we don’t see nearly enough.)
((Mmmm… we’re totally driving down to my friend’s restaurant, Compass Star, in Martinez!))

I didn’t get a walk in with the dogs today as planned, either. *sigh* I’ll have to make myself to it tomorrow… They like (most of the time) going for walks, but don’t really notice if we don’t. (lazy beasties)

Today was a bit of a “hungry” day… but, I don’t know if it was because I was really hungry or because I was sitting at my computer playing video games all day.  When I really started getting a food urge, I’d drink a bottle of water or a cup of tea, and it passed for a while. So, I still managed to only eat when I was supposed to. (Well, except I had my snack apple for breakfast instead of snack…)

Breakfast was coffee, apple w/ cinnamon, & water.
Lunch was the turkey/mushroom chili.
Dinner was beef & roasted radishes.
Dessert was (rogue) 1/4 cup fat free Fage & 55g of blueberries (60 calories/10 carbs/ 6 protein/ no fat).

Water count: 100 oz

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