R2P2D4 – It’s a cat call from the past…

Today’s weight: 229.8
today’s change: -2.0
net change: -4.6

WAAAHOOO!!!!! New low! New ten-spot!! *giddy* (And, yes, I got on the scale 3 times in disbelief. LOL) This means I’m now 30 pounds away from being under 200! *super-giddy*

Oh! I wore a dress to work today that I’d only worn once before… I bought it in June for the INXS concert that I’d won the meet & greet at.  It’s now WAY too big on me… but I layered a cami & wore a sweater over it, so it was work appropriate. 🙂  But, it REALLY shows the difference in my shape/size! It’s so loose on me now!

Anyway, it’s late, so this is going to be pretty short… it’s been a VERY full day! Work all day, then nail appointment, then a Tupperware party at Bestie’s. I now have pretty nails, some fun Tupperware on order, and a party planned for Leap Day. 🙂

Had a very late dinner & did my injection a couple hours later than usual. Hope that doesn’t cause problems…

Breakfast was coffee & water.
Snack was an apple.
Lunch was beef & mushrooms.
Snack was a grissini stick & a small apple.
Dinner was chicken & asparagus.

Water count: 80 oz

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