R1P2D3 – I just want to live while I’m alive…

Today’s weight: 231.8
today’s change: -2.6
net change: -2.6

And away we go! So, obviously the blueberries didn’t cause any problems with my losses this morning. 🙂

Not much of  headache today. So, that’s good. Woke up to over 3 inches of snow today – had to pretty much shovel off the car before I could leave for work this morning. Aaand, in the continuation of the current weather trend, we now won’t have any precipitation for another couple of weeks & it’ll be back up in the high 50’s by Friday. LOL

One of my girlfriends, DrD, wants me to go to an SCA (medieval recreation) event with her in May… and I’m contemplating it.  I spent close to 20 years participating very heavily in it, but I got uber burned out & sick of the politics.  I pretty much stopped playing about 2 years ago. I do miss seeing all my friends regularly – but I’ve got a lot more money to spend on other stuff now (and time!).  Anyhoo – I may go – one of my friends is getting a long-overdue award that I would love to witness.  I just don’t have any costumes that fit me! (Let alone after two more short rounds!)  DrD says that she’s got some stuff that will probably fit my new slenderer self & a few of the gowns are too long for her. So, that would be good, since I’m quite a bit taller. LOL  We’ll see if I decide to go… Like I said, I’m contemplating. 🙂

Breakfast was coffee & water.
Snack was an apple.
Lunch was beef & mushrooms.
Dinner was chicken breast & a LOT of broccoli.

Water count: 80 oz (or, at least, it will be when I finish this bottle before I go to bed)

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4 thoughts on “R1P2D3 – I just want to live while I’m alive…

  1. I was actually thinking about going myself. Ms. M is going to have yummy food.

  2. I totally support this. In fact I have a wedge tent that’s totally empty if you wanna use it 🙂

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