R1P4D34 – There’s my homeroom angel on the pages in-between…

Today: 233.2 / LDW: 239.6 / Net: -6.4

Yay! Only took 4 days to drop what I gained in 3. LOL

Tomorrow is my last day of P4… I’m starting in to Round 2 on Saturday! (HEELLLLOOOO LOOADING!)  I was going to do another 35-40 day round – but, Hubby & I are going to Cabo in March, and I don’t want to be in P2 for it! So, I’ll do a 23 day cycle, and that’ll give me a week of P3 before going on the trip.  I may have to do a couple of steak days when I get home… but it’ll be worth it. 😀

As of this morning, I’m down a total of 34.2 pounds since I started this leg of my journey on October 27.  Not too shabby. We’ll see tomorrow what my R1 “total loss” is.  I’m hoping to lose another 20 on this next short round… And I’m 40 from goal. So I’m looking at maybe one or two more rounds after this. Maybe. We’ll see how it goes.

I’m really excited that I’ll be slim & fit for my trip to Australia in November!
Someone on one of the boards I read asked why people were wanting to lose weight & get fit.  A friend of theirs, when asked, said it was because she didn’t want to be the fattest person in a wedding photo… They thought she was joking. So, they were wanting to know everyone’s reasons – to see if vanity was just a one-off. Seems that, while many of us want to be healthier, vanity is our number one reasons.  Personally, I didn’t want to be that “Fat American” when travelling internationally.  Hubby & I are planning on doing more of that. And, while obesity is a worldwide epidemic… It seems that Americans, more than most, are looked down upon when they’re chunksters. *sigh*

Anyhoo – Yes, I’m doing this for my health. But first & foremost, I’m doing it because I want to really like who I see in the mirror. I want to look decent in a swimsuit. I want to look good nekkid. I really want to look good at my 20 year High School Reunion! I’m already carrying around 60 less pounds than my top weight – but I have a ways to go yet.  And, as I lose weight, I’m trying to keep my muscles toned & my skin firm so I’m not an empty skin-bag. LOL  Perhaps all that makes me shallow… but, I think it also makes me human. And honest. 😉

Breakfast was eggs, bacon, turkey sausage, & coffee/cream. Lunch was a chili rellano, chips, & salsa. Dinner was cauliflower crust pizza with turkey pepperoni & mushrooms.

Water count: 80 oz

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4 thoughts on “R1P4D34 – There’s my homeroom angel on the pages in-between…

  1. Did you like the cauliflower crust pizza? I saw the recipe and was going to try it.

    • It tasted good… but next time, I’ll add more cheese and maybe an extra egg. It didn’t really “stand up” well. Not too messy, but definitely needed to eat it with a fork!
      The plus side is that it gives you extra ‘hidden’ veggies! 🙂

  2. Laina

    What is loading? I’m not familiar with the term in the context of a diet.

    • Well… loading is the ‘polite’ term for it. LOL
      The original protocol calls is ‘gorging’!

      Basically, it’s to make your “normal” fat reserves well stocked before hitting the 500 calorie days. The protocol states that it takes around 2 days for the abnormal fat begins to circulate.

      (Personally, I have a theory that it’s because after two days of eating everything you ‘want’, you are READY for the low calorie phase!)

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