R1P4D32 – Here come the woman with the look in her eye…

Today: 235.8  / LDW: 239.6 / Net: -3.8

Okay, down 2.2 from yesterday… That’s good. (Means 2.6 above my low-weight from Thursday.)

Wow, but wheat/sugar makes me retain water something fierce! I guess I should know better than eat that stuff… But, gotta live my life, yeah? But, as long as I don’t go insane & eat like that all the time, I should be able to bounce back pretty quick. I think the occasional splurging should be a part of life. I can just NOT go back to eating like that every day. That’s what got me in this pickle.

Let’s see… Vegas was a total blast!  I spent WAY too much money & ate a lot of yummy (bad for me) stuff.  We saw a few fun shows… Got to experience my first cirque show! We saw Ka over at the MGM. whoa! It was ah-maze-ing!!  Also saw Nathan Burton’s comedy/magic show at the Flamingo & rocked out at the Steel Panther show at the House of Blues. SO.MUCH.FUN!

Oh! We also made a stop at the Bettie Page store! And… I treated myself & bought a dress!! (I’ve been coveting some of those dresses for years.)  It doesn’t fit me right now – I need to lose about 1 1/2 inches in the bust. But, I figure it’ll fit me by the end of my next round of hCG. (At least… that’s the plan! LOL)  I decided, since I’m getting ready to go into my next round, I didn’t want to splurge on a dress that would only fit me for a few more weeks!  So – when it fits, I’ll make sure to do pictures. (& I’ll do my hair in Victory Rolls!! that’ll be cyuute!)

I have a confession to make… This morning when my alarm went off… I snoozed it instead of getting up and exercising.  I’m still really wiped out from the weekend & I think I’m trying to fight off some creeping crud. (Not surprising, considering the massive number of stranger-germs I was exposed to over the past 4 days.)  So, I’m going to go to bed early tonight & dose myself, since I can’t breath through my nose!

Breakfast was eggs, bacon, turkey sausage, & coffee/cream. (Ohhh… I’m going to miss my cream!) Lunch was a small cobb salad & a bowl of steak chili.  Dinner was an Atkins bar.

Water count: 80 oz

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2 thoughts on “R1P4D32 – Here come the woman with the look in her eye…

  1. HCG To Energy

    Hi Snapshotstacy, it’s your old HCG buddy here 🙂 How are you? You look AMAZING!!!!! I haven’t fallen off the wagon btw, just the blogging one. I’m posting tonight again as I start Round 2, please leave a comment on my blog if you get this? Love me xx

    • Hi! Welcome back! 🙂
      Thanks so much. I’m pretty pleased at how far I’ve come since Halloween.

      I’m getting ready to transition into round 2, myself!! I was gonna start loading today, originally… But we have a friend coming to visit us this weekend, & I didn’t want to be trying to do 500 cal with company. lol
      So, loading starts Saturday! Wahoo!

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