R1P4D25 – With a step to your left and a flick to the right…

Today: 233.6 / LDW: 239.6 / Net: -6.0

Woah! Where did that come from? No clue why I was down another 1.2 today… But, it gives me a all new low-weight! Yay!!  Wouldn’t be at all surprised if I bounced back up a skootch tomorrow, but, maybe I won’t & I’ll get to log a new low on my weekly check-in over at SparkPeople. LOL

I attempted to start the next level of Slim in 6 today… notice I said “attempted”? 😀  I still have to be pretty careful with my back, or I suffer for it. So, I definitely was going at a mild rate – but I still wasn’t able to finish the video… I spent the last 10 minutes of it doing floor stretches.  But, it’s all about moving, right? And keeping at it.  I know it’ll get easier as I get more fit. And, I’m looking forward to seeing if the videos have made a difference in my inch losses this week. *fingers crossed*

Well, I’m tired and I have a long day tomorrow… I have to drive to our satellite office tomorrow for work – which is right around 40 minutes in the car (in good traffic) each way. Whee.  So, I’m going to keep this short & sweet and head off to bed early.

Breakfast was eggs, bacon, mozz stick, & 3 oz beef, with coffee/cream. Snack was some pepper beef jerky. Lunch was tuna salad over lettuce/spinach. Dinner was chicken, salad, & a baby brie wedge.

Water count: 86 oz

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One thought on “R1P4D25 – With a step to your left and a flick to the right…

  1. I ordered the slim in 6, 5 years ago and didn’t keep up with it…I was not dieting at that moment either so didn’t see any result. It’s a tough work out! I retried it not long ago and all that knee bending hurts me, I wish it wouldn’t hurt because I would have my work out done in about 30 minutes. I am sure you will get result!

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