R1P4D24 – If, when, why, what, how much have you got…

Today: 234.8 / LDW: 239.6 / Net: -4.8

Wahoo! Exact same weight as Saturday morning! (And only 0.2 above my lowest weight!) Glad to know that the weekend away didn’t completely derail me…

Of course… that probably won’t be the case this coming weekend… VEGAS, BABY!!  It was supposed to be a trip with 6 of us girls going… but it’s down to two of us.  That’s okay, we’ll still have a blast.  I’ll be mindful of what I’ll be eating/drinking – but I’m also probably going to splurge a bit. I know we’re planning on trying to hit one “nice” restaurant – and eat chocolate while watching the Bellagio fountains. LOL  We’re staying at a hotel across the street from them, so hopefully we’ll have a nice view from our room (I paid extra for a “full view of the strip”).  I’m really looking forward to this weekend. YAY!

Oh! I did do my Slim in 6 video this morning – Go me!  I’ll be attempting to graduate to the next level tomorrow… we’ll see how it goes. :0

Breakfast was eggs, beef, onion, and coffee/cream. Snack was an Atkins coconut chocolate bar. Lunch was seared ahi, asian slaw, & a tomato/mozzerella salad (at BJ’s). Dinner was round steak & asparagus.

Water count: 70 oz

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