R1P4D17 – It’s a push of the world, but there’s always a chance…

Today: 237.6 / LDW: 239.6 / Net: -2.0

Meh, need to crack down!

Today was a “protein & water” day. Perhaps it’ll make a difference in my morning weigh in tomorrow…  I’ve been slipping a bit here & there – well, not really slipping, since I each item was thought about and the decision was made to eat/drink it – and the scale is telling me about it.  I’m still happy that I’m below my last drop day, though. And, I know that I’m supposed to be staying in that range – it’s just so much nicer to see smaller numbers! LOL

I finally got my scanner hooked back up today. Which means I can start back in on the ENORMOUS number of photos, negative, & slides I got from my mom’s storage unit. They go all the way back to the 30’s! I have no clue who some of the people in the negative & slides are – even a lot of the photos aren’t labeled… But, I’ll scan ’em & get ’em up on my Smugmug account, so the family I have left can try to help me ID folks. It’s neat seeing all the different styles through the eras. Oh! This is a picture of my grandmother (1949) in her high school band uniform – with the saxophone that I and my mom also both played through our school years. Actually, I still have that sax! It’s in a closet upstairs… I haven’t played it AGES, but I’ve got it!

Slim in 6 update:  Today is day 4 – and it’s getting a bit easier. (Or, at least, I don’t feel like I need to amputate my legs because they hurt so much.) I think I’ll be ready to bump up to the next level on schedule.  I’m supposed to a week of video 1, 2 weeks of video 2, & 3 weeks of video 3 – 6 days on, one off each week. Then I’ll be slim! Well… that’s what the video says, right?? 😉

Breakfast was 3 fried eggs, 3 slices of bacon, & coffee (no cream). Lunch was 3 eggs & a small dill pickle made into egg salad with 1 tbsp may & 1 tsp mustard. Dinner was 1/3 pound hamburger & and egg made into a burger, wrapped in bacon, with 1.5 oz sharp cheddar.

Water count: 100 oz

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