R1P4D16 – Look at them go, look at them kick…

Today: 236.6 / LDW: 239.6 / Net: -3.0

Meh. Water retention, I believe… My muscles are very sore from the exercising, so I have a feeling I’ve got a bit of water weight going on.  Today, the Slim in 6 video was easier – I don’t feel quite so wiped out. I think I need to start doing it in the morning, though. I have a feeling that going to bed shortly after the workout the past few nights have given me a bit of a lactic acid/crampy problem.  I plan on getting up earlier in the morning to do “day 4” on the program.

The next phase of the SI6 needs resistance bands – so Hubby took me out to buy a set. We also ended up coming home with some 8 pound dumbbells for me (that’s the size the P90X thing says to use), some 20 pound dumbbells for him, and a neat door-mounted resistance band “gym”. (This means we’ll be getting rid of the Norditrack Gold that we got from one of my co-workers – used once – and takes up a lot of space. Someone on Freecycle will be most pleased…)  I also need to remember to inflate my Pilates ball… I only bought it a month ago!

So… today I was ‘naughty’. I contemplated my choices, and weighed the pros & cons, and then selected to have sourdough bread with breakfast. 🙂  I may be up tomorrow, I may be down. But either way, I made the decision fully informed of possible consequences.  I have to live my life – I can’t just avoid some food forever. Especially if it’s something I really enjoy. Like the Turkey/Swiss/Ortega Chili melt on Sourdough sandwich at our favorite greasy-spoon.  I figure, as long as I don’t do stuff like that often, I will be able to maintain my new weight range. (I, seriously, used to have that for breakfast 1-2 time a week! With fries!)

Breakfast was the aforementioned sandwich, with tomato slices, 1 tbsp ranch dressing, & coffee/half and half. Snack was more coffee/cream. Lunch was an apple with almond butter, cheese stick, & a bit of turkey breast. Dinner was homemade cioppino (tomato base, crab, tilapia, & shrimp).

Water count: 90 oz

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