R1P4D13 – All you got is this moment…

Today: 235.8 / LDW: 239.6 / Net: -3.8

Huh… don’t know where that pound came from… unless it was from not drinking enough water yesterday.

I just came in the door a short bit of time ago from dinner with the ladies from work… it’s almost 9pm, which means that I won’t be starting the P90X tonight… Sorry. I’ll do it tomorrow, I promise! I just can’t do intensive exercise right before bed – or I’ll never get to sleep! (And I have a hard enough time with sleeping most nights already.)

I made (mostly) good choices at dinner… But, I did have a glass of Merlot before we were seated (which I nursed through dinner) and a tiny glass of Tawny Port as dessert. Everyone else had stuff like  Creme Brule & Triple Chocolate something. I figured that my tiny little 2 oz of port was dessert-like enough that no one would say anything. And they didn’t!  I’m glad I don’t go out with this crew very often… they chose a really nice place for dinner tonight… (usually we’ve hit up breweries and things like that)  Anyway, I dropped $70 on dinner tonight! And that was just for me! Yikes.  It was quite tasty, though, so all good.

I wore a cute new dress today… It REALLY shows off how much weight I’ve lost so far.  It’s probably a good thing that I know the ladies I work with so well, or we might have had a sexual harassment issue on our hands. LOL

It’s late (for me), I’m really tired, I’m going to go do my push-ups & squats & go to bed!

Breakfast was grits, eggs, bacon, & coffee/cream. Lunch was tuna salad with avocado & pork rinds. Dinner was 6 oz filet mignon, a few small bites of garlic whipped potatoes, a small bit of green beans, a glass of Merlot, & port for dessert.

Water count: 80 oz

Oh yeah!! I also started a “bucket” list… It’s the “WannaDo” page. Check it out, comment, suggest other things. 🙂

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One thought on “R1P4D13 – All you got is this moment…

  1. I will let you off the hook… IF you post tomorrow you started PX90 😉 mmmmm port…… sigh, maybe I need some wine tomorrow….

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