R1P4D8 – It’s getting late have you seen my mates…

Today: 235.8 / LDW: 239.6 / Net: -3.8

A bit of a 0.2 blip today. Not concerned… I really can’t expect to stay exactly the same or go down every day, right?  In theory, this is my ‘stabilization’ time, so technically, I’m lower than I’m supposed to be anyway.

Anyhoo…  Learned something odd about losing weight today…
I no longer fit comfortably in my computer desk chair!!  Last year, we had bought me one of those comfy ‘plus size’ chairs. And I realized that my back was hurting & I was having a hard time staying put in it! So, Hubby took pity on me, and we went off to OfficeDepot and spent around an hour trying out chairs. And, now I have a new chair that gives my back the proper support & is comfortable. Yay!

Tomorrow I may be up even more in weight… While we were out finding me a new chair, Hubby & I decided to go out for sushi…. Not just sashimi – full on sushi! A bit (okay, a lot) high on the carbs, but SO GOOD!  And, I’m allowed to be adding carbs back – even though white rice really isn’t a “good carb”. Still, it was my carb for today (kinda like my tortilla chips the other day, yes?).

Breakfast was buttered low-carb pancakes, bacon, & coffee/cream. Lunch was sushi – Hubby & I split 3 long rolls, a crystal shrimp/spicy tuna no-rice thing that our chef made up for us, & 2 hand rolls each. I drank ice tea. Then, I had decaf coffee/cream for ‘dinner’, since I wasn’t at ALL hungry tonight.

Water count: 80 oz

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