R1P3D19 – loosing touch when the lights go out…

Today: 236.6 / LDW: 239.6 / Net: -3.0

See? Now THIS is a direction I can handle. Down! LOL I know I’m not supposed to be continuing to lose… but that’s what low carb does for me! I lost 35 pounds doing LC a few years back. Of course… I gained it all back when I started eating like crap again, so… :-/ PLUS! I’m only 1.6 away from my lowest weight in the past 10 years!!! I got down to 235 when I was doing low carb. The really good thing is that I’m pretty sure I’m in smaller clothes now than I was at that point!

I’m solidly in a size 18, and some of those are getting big on me. The slacks I wore yesterday kept sliding down, so it was puddling on my feet! Yay for smaller! Boo for having to spend yet more money on clothes… I’ve been wearing skirts & dresses a lot lately. They’re MUCH more forgiving of being baggy. LOL At least my tights (mostly) fit… But, even some of those are getting baggy around the ankles. 🙂

Well, my package from China hasn’t arrived yet… I’m super-antsy, and really afraid that it won’t be here in time. *sigh* fingers crossed for tomorrow!

I’m looking forward to this weekend, to see a bunch of friends that I haven’t seen since I quit that hobby (that’s a whole ‘nother story, that I may go into another time). I’m sad, though, as several have posted to their Facebooks that they won’t be making it to the event this year. *pout* Ah, well. I’ll get to visit with the ones that are there, and I’ll try to catch up later with the ones who aren’t.

Breakfast was poached eggs, pulled pork, & coffee/cream. Lunch was a beef brisket salad with blue cheese dressing. Snack was an Atkin’s Caramel Nougat bar. Dinner was ground beef/yellow peppers/ tomatoes cooked in coconut oil, with mashed avocado & a sprinkle of cheddar cheese.

Water count: 90 oz

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One thought on “R1P3D19 – loosing touch when the lights go out…

  1. Yea you on the new low and baggy size 18!!!

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