R1P3D16 – Another year has gone, Happy New Year…

Today: 237.2 / LDW: 239.6 / Net: -2.4

Huh. Not too shabby… Of course, it’ll probably be totally short lived… Today, Bestie’s family & ours had our Welcome New Years party. We did a “Victorian Christmas”, basically, and I ate it all! It wasn’t so much dinner that did me in… although I am sooooo full. It was the ‘snack’ food on the table!

I really wanted to try everything, though, so I did. I think the real buster was the three bacon-wrapped dates. HOLY COW, 18 CARBS EACH! I also ate some of the home made Shepherd bread… so, more carbs. *bleh* I feel like I’m going to explode…

Breakfast was eggs scrambled with polish sausage, olives, mushrooms, & jack cheese – with sour cream & salsa and a couple bites of cottage cheese, along with coffee/half&half.  I’m counting the munching as ‘lunch’, so that was pork rinds and celery with clam dip, 3 bacon wrapped dates, and a rosemary pear crostini.  Dinner was roast goose, bacon roasted Brussels sprouts, an onion/apple stuffing (no bread), and a small (1×4″ piece of bread).  I also drank half of a Mike’s Lite Lemonade (you know, I remember those having a lot less carbs than 14 when I was doing low-carb several years ago…).

We went for a 2 mile walk with the Wienie-Dog-Parade (5 of ’em) after dinner, so that helped hopefully. 🙂  Now, I’m going to have some herbal tea & go to bed… I have to go into the office (on a holiday, no less) for a few hours tomorrow.

Water count: 90 oz

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