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R1P3D6 – I got the moooves like Jagger…

Today: 239.4 / LDW: 239.6 / Net: -0.2

Well, considering yesterday was the potluck, having a gain of 1 pound is not too shabby!

I did NOT sleep well, either… Hubby is travelling for work (Wednesday morning to Friday afternoon), and the dogs do NOT understand. They, literally, woke me up every hour and a half to come downstairs to check for him. When they didn’t find him, they’d want to go back to bed. Then, an hour and a half later… rinse & repeat. I am really hoping they’ll sleep through the night tonight. I’m exhausted!

So, my hairdresser is going to try hCG! She was super-impressed by the results that Roomie & I have gotten (she cuts both of us – usually on the same day) and decided that she wants to try it, to lose the 35 pounds extra she’s carrying. (She’s short, so that’s a LOT of weight.) I dropped off a bottle of hhCG drops (I had a spare, since I’m going to do Rx strength next round), Pounds & Inches, & a food cheat-sheet to her today.  She’s planning on loading on Christmas. I’m looking forward to seeing if this works for her. 🙂

I exercised today… I did 45 minutes of Dance Central 2 on my Kinect. Yay!!

Breakfast was 2 poached eggs, 4 oz smoked pulled pork, a chopped green onion, & coffee/cream. Snack was 1/2 oz spicy pork rinds & 1 oz cream cheese. Lunch was a Black & Blue salad from Quizno’s with blue cheese dressing (instead of the sugary vinaigrette they usually give and no flatbread). Snack 2 was 1/4 cup mixed nuts. Dinner was 3/4 cup fresh blueberries with 2 tbsp heavy cream.

Water count: 88 oz

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R1P3D5 – And another one bites the dust…

Today: 238.4 / LDW: 239.6 / Net: -1.2

Okay… so overindulging in cheese may just be the culprit. I dropped 1.4 pounds yesterday. I ate just as many (if not more) calories, so I know that it wasn’t that I was starving myself. 🙂

Today was my office Christmas potlluck. I think I did pretty darn good, if I say so myself. I only let myself eat ONE thing that wasn’t technically low-carb, and I only ate about a tablespoon of it – for around 6 carbs.  It was Pancit Bihon, a Filipino noodle/vegetable/chicken dish. And SOOO good!  Plus, the noodles aren’t wheat, they’re rice.  I brought my own dessert, so I was able to have a sweet at the end. (Actually, there were a few folks excited about my dessert contribution… There’s rarely anything a diabetic can eat for dessert at our office potlucks.)

There was a TON of carb-y dishes, and I didn’t even taste a single one! Potatoes, rice, breads, pies, cakes, cookies, etc. I was REALLY proud of myself.  And, I was able to deflect all of the well-meaning-saboteurs. I can’t tell you how many times I heard “Oh, one bite would be fine!” or “But, it’s a party! You can let go for one meal!”  My standard response was “It would hurt my progress.” And, “It can’t possibly be as tasty as the 30 pounds I’ve lost.”   So there. *nod*

I had my hair appointment tonight, and my hairdresser was being super-chatty… so it took a lot longer than usual. Just got home a bit ago, and I’m exhausted. So gonna wrap this up and go to bed.

Breakfast was 2 turkey sausage links, 2 scrambled eggs with butter & salsa. Snack was 1/2 an apple & 2 tbsp almond butter. Lunch was the potluck: pansit, swedish meatballs, ham, turkey, cabbage curry, greek salad, chicken wing, lox/cream cheese, & SF Jell-o/berries/heavy whipped cream.  Dinner was bratwurst, saurkraut and a string cheese. Then I ate a piece of cocoa crack.

Water count: 70 oz

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R1P3D4 – We are the world…

Today: 239.8 / LDW: 239.6 / Net: +0.2

Hey, not too shabby, considering I spent the yesterday driving. I’ll take a zero change; it’s perfect, actually!

I decided that today was a cut-the-heck-back on cheese day.  I had 1 1/2 ounces of Swiss cheese, and THAT WAS IT. Maybe tomorrow there will be some downward movement? That would be nice. I’d like to fluctuate around the low end of my +2/-2, rather than the high end.  As much as I love cheese, I think I have to  be moderate in my intake.  My nose-dive into the cheese vat is probably why I gained 2.6 pounds in 2 days.

This evening was shopping & prep for my office Christmas party tomorrow, so Roomie & I ended up swinging through Carl’s Jr for low-carb sandwiches. I really do like their turkey burgers, so I tried out the new Santa Fe one. (It’s got green chilies on it.) Not too bad. The meat was a little dry this go-round. But tasty none the less.

Our office Christmas party theme is “Christmas Around The World”, so everyone was asked to bring a potluck dish that represents their heritage. I’m mostly German (with some Scott & Scandinavia thrown in), so I’m bringing Bratwurst & Saurkraut. I’m also making a low-carb jello/fruit salad thing.  Sugar-free jello with berries & whipped heavy cream. I thought about making a trifle… and I found a neat recipe for a low-carb sponge cake… but my brain is fried, and I really don’t feel up to spending a lot of time in the kitchen tonight.

Breakfast was 3.5 oz tri tip, 2 poached eggs, 1/2 oz Swiss cheese & coffee/cream. Snack was 1 oz Swiss cheese & 1 oz raw almonds. Lunch was 5 oz round eye, 3 1/2 oz red/yellow peppers, & 1/2 an avocado. Dinner was the turkey burger. I also ate a piece of cocoa crack… I was really wanting a sweet tonight.

Water count: 70 oz

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R1P3D3 – Fast car driving…

Today: 239.8 / LDW: 239.6 / Net: +0.2

Up a bit more today… but I did sort of jump right into low-carb with both feet. Like, pretty much falling into a vat of cheese on Saturday. LOL

Today’s eating was a lot more – moderate. 🙂 But, then, I was travelling most of the day (7 hours in the car).  Bestie & I got Ade mostly packed up. All she has left to do is her clothes & toiletries. Yay!  And, we went to a really great sushi place in Berkeley. I had a sashimi platter, and YUMMM! I was only vaguely tempted by the rolls that the other girls ordered. The two pieces I stole, I unwrapped the rice off of them & just ate the innards. I figured I’d be safe with the miso soup… but looks like there’s a lot more carbs in there than I though. Oh well, even with the miso, I still came in at 31 net carbs for the day.  I did steal a little bitty 1/2 inch french fry that was cooked in duck fat… I had to try it. And, WOW! (And, yes, I counted the carbs on that as well.)

Ugh, it’s been a REALLY long day… I’m exhausted from the packing & the driving… so I’m going to head to bed early tonight.

Breakfast was a hard boiled egg & coffee/cream. Snack was an apple & Dubliner cheese. Lunch was sashimi & miso soup. Dinner was 1/3 of my leftover omelet from Saturday & 2 oz cottage cheese.

Water: 70 oz

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R1P3D2 – Round Table fail…

Today: 238.6 / LDW: 239.6 / Net: -1.0

The god-son’s birthday party was today. It wasn’t too bad… pizza, some visiting, & opening presents. He really liked the presents we got him. He’s really into being crafty & loves cars, so we got him a neat stencil/light box set for ‘designing’ his own cars and some wooden cars with paint. (He’s six, if anyone is wondering.)  I ate the toppings off of 2 slices of Supreme pizza & drank water. No one even blinked at my ‘weird eating’. Yay! 🙂 Hubby & I ordered buffalo wings… but ended up taking them to go, because it took literally 40 minutes to get them!

Today I ate an apple & Dubliner cheese for breakfast along with a cup of coffee/cream, then had 3 stalks of celery with cream cheese for a snack before leaving for the party. Lunch at the party was 2 slices of pizza toppings, then I ate 6 of the buffalo wings (w/ ranch dip) as an afternoon snack. (Okay, I have to say, I will NEVER do that again… the Round Table wings are NASTY! Fatty, icky, blech.)  Dinner was 5 oz of tri-tip and 2 cups of broccoli. (Yum!)

I’ve got tomorrow off of work, so that’s nice. However, I’ve got a friend who’s having surgery on Tuesday & needs help packing up her apartment, since they’ll be showing it while she’s recovering at a friend’s house. So, Bestie & I are driving over the pass (about 3 1/2 hours each way) to help her, since her planned help fell through. She wants to take us out for sushi as a thank you… so, I’m going to have to figure out how to work that… (What makes it really hard is that I *LOVE* sushi!) Maybe I can just order sashimi stuff and not eat the rice… Hmm…

Anyway, I’m off to bed, since Bestie & I will be hitting the road at 6:30 tomorrow morning. Wheee…



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R1P3D1 – Hoorayy for CHEESE!

Today: 237.2 / LDW: 239.6 / Net: -2.4

I feel SO MUCH BETTER today!
So, I figure that yesterday’s ick-fest was being made possible by three things.
1) hCG going out of my system (was to be expected, but didn’t realize that it would go out so fast – hhcg apparently bugs out much faster than Rx)
2) It’s apparently that TOM. Surprise! Mother Nature hates you!
3) I have caught a bit of what has been making the rounds in my office.

I was feeling so icky yesterday that I was in bed, asleep, by 7:30 last night! Of course… this means that around 1am, I woke up. *sigh* rassa-frassa-six-hours…
Anyway, I was still feeling icky & I was so hungry! So, I found myself a piece of cheese and enjoyed it very slowly. By the time I finished my cheese, I was already starting to feel better. So, I wandered back to bed and then managed to sleep until 6:30 this morning! Yay!  I’m still not feeling 100%, this bug is making me feel like poo. But, for the most part the light headedness is gone – now I just have muscle fatigue & tiredness.

Today is my first day into phase three of Protocol. This means, I’m starting low-carb! Yay! My favorite part. 🙂
This also means that I’ll get to start exercising again! Double-yay!  I’ve got the P90X system that I’ve been contemplating trying…  I’ll probably give my body a couple more days to get recovered from VLC before jumping into THAT, though.

I ate right around 1250 calories today – which was higher than I intended… but lower than last time I phased into P3. LOL
No sugar and no starch.

Let’s see… Today we went to our favorite greasy spoon diner (Jack’s) and had omelets. Mine had sausage, bacon, mushrooms, onion, bell pepper, & cheddar cheese in it. I only ate about 1/3 of it (3 egg omelets are HUGE), though. I had a bit of sour cream & salsa with it and a couple bites of cottage cheese.  I felt SO FULL when we left the restaurant. It was actually uncomfortable for almost a half hour! (I really should have stopped two bites sooner!)
Then we had to go grocery shopping… We went to Winco first, mostly because they have a machine we can get fresh-ground almond butter out of. Nuthin but almonds and some salt. I love that stuff! (It’s AWESOME with apple slices… kind of like a healthy candy apple.)  Picked up some produce as well. The Costco, for meat. Ah, Saturday at Costco means samples! And today was apparently cheese day. 😀  So, I partook!
When we got home, I tossed chili fixin’s into the crock pot for dinner.  Then Bestie came by and we went thrift-storing. I got some pants for Hubby (who looked like a hobo with his pants so huge on him today!) and a couple of really cute dresses for me.  Of course… I completely forgot to throw a snack into my purse, so I was STARVING by the time I got home. (Since I had also neglected to eat any lunch.) Hubby & I split and apple and at it with some of the Dubliner cheese we picked up at Costco.
Dinner was a bowl of my chili (recipe was posted here) with some shredded cheddar sprinkled over the top.
Dessert was 1/2 cup of blueberries with a couple tablespoons of heavy cream.

Water count: 80 oz

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Day thirty-seven – wahhh…

Today: 238.0 / LDW: 239.6 / Net: -1.6

Okay. Today I feel really icky… Hungry, light headed, listless…
Well, not all day. I felt absolutely fine this morning. But, around the time I usually take my 2nd drop dose of the day, I started feeling really bad.  I’m fairly certain this means the hCG is pretty close to out of my system. I read today that the homeopathic stuff actually goes out of your system a lot faster, since it’s so watered down. That, if you’re on the homeopathic,  you only stay on the VLCD for 48 hours, instead 0f 72.  That’s good. Because I REALLY don’t think I can handle all day tomorrow feeling like this.

So, I’m going to go veg on the couch until a reasonable time to go to bed… and tomorrow it’s Omelet Time!

I did go over the 500 calories today, just because I was feeling so icky. I had a poached egg before work, then I ended up eating a serving of melba before lunch, after my apple snack. Then, when I got home from work, I ate a Cocoa Crack piece & had a cup of Coco-pro in a small cup of coffee. THEN, with dinner, I ate an extra 50 grams of strawberries. *sigh* Still feel worn down & light headed. Not starving, though, so that’s good.

My day~
Breakfast was a poached egg & coffee
Snack was an apple
2nd snack was wheat melba
Lunch was 100g beef & 130g Brussels sprouts
Snack was cocoa-crack & Coco-pro
Dinner was 100g chicken (cooked in cinnamon), 85g fresh spinach, & 150g strawberries (all in a salad with a tsp of cider vinegar)

Water count: 100 oz

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Day thirty-six / First no-drop day / T-3 days to low-carb

Today’s weight: 239.0
today’s change: -0.6
net change: -28.4

I got the day off work today, to make up for having to put so many hours in this past weekend. It was nice. 🙂  I slept in a bit (well… I got up at 7 instead of 6:30 lol).  Went and saw my nail lady (Yvette is awesome), saw my chiropractor (ahhh… happy neck adjustments), did some shopping…   Kept myself really busy.
Still haven’t managed to get Christmas lights on the house – may just not happen this year. Maybe I’ll get to it Saturday. If I don’t though, it means that it won’t happen this year for sure.

I managed to get in some dance-exercise this evening, so that was awesome. I did a 20 minute ‘fitness’ session on Dance Central 2 on my Xbox Kinect. I forgot to put my heart-rate monitor on, but I worked up a sweat & my heart was definitely pumpin’!  GOD, I missed exercising! It felt so good!  I know I’m not really supposed to add it back in for a few more days, but I kept it a short one, and I really really wanted to! LOL

Today was no problem with staying on VLC. But, I figure I’ve still got hCG coursing through my body, so that probably helps. It’ll probably be the next two days that’ll be rough.

Well, I’ve got to get up and go to work in the morning (meh), so that’s all you get today. 🙂

My day~
Breakfast was a poached egg & coffee
Lunch was 100g beef & 85g green beans
Snack was an apple & coffee
Dinner was 100g mahi mahi & 130g yellow squash in tumeric

Water count: 80 oz

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Day thirty-five – R1P2 last drop day

Today’s weight: 239.6
today’s change: -1.0
net change: -27.8

Woo! I’ve hit a new ten-spot!!
Of course, I know that over the next three weeks I’m going to bounce back and forth over it… But that’s okay by me. It’s expected, and that means I should be able to wave buh-bye to the 230’s on my next round (and hopefully the 220’s as well) that I’ll be starting in February.

I decided to go ahead and cycle with Hubby, so I can enjoy Jack-Jack’s birthday party without stressing out. That means that today, day thirty-five, ends round 1 drops. Three more days of VLCD and I’ll phase into R1P3 – low carb. (Yay!)

Actually, it turns out to be really good timing across the board.  I just joined a Biggest Loser Challenge on SparkPeople. Where fitness minutes count for just as much as weight lost. So, since I’ll be pretty much maintaining my weight for the next six weeks… it’s good that I’ll be doing low carb so I can exercise!  It kicked off today. It should be a lot of fun to participate in.  There aren’t any prizes, like the last Biggest Loser thing I did, but the pride of losing weight and getting fit is good motivation for me. 🙂  Perhaps I’ll use my prizes from the last BL challenges (two dance games for my Xbox & a heart-rate watch) to keep it moving for this one!

My day~
Drops at 6:00, 1:00, & 8:00
Breakfast was a poached egg & coffee
Lunch was 100g beef & 110g Brussels sprouts
Dinner was 100g chicken, 130g broccoli, 1 tbsp fresh pureed parsley with lemon juice
Dessert was an apple

Water count: 100 oz!

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I’M NOW IN THE 230’s!!!!!


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