R1P3D14 – I like to move it move it, we like to – move it!

Today: 238.6 / LDW: 239.6 / Net: -1.0

Woot! No steak day! Looks like the colon cleanse may be doing it’s thing.

Of course… I was REALLY bad with dinner tonight. Chicken wings!! I probably ate 600 more calories today than I have been lately… Hopefully it won’t cause too many problems for tomorrow’s weigh in. I guess the good thing is that it’s pretty much all protein & fat!

I did go to the gym today, so that’s good. And I RAN! Not very far and not very fast… but I ran. I walked 3 minutes, ran 2 minutes, walked 3, ran 1, walked 5, ran 1, walked 3. Did just over a mile. Then, I did some resistance/weight work for about 20 minutes.
My new ipod playlist worked out pretty well. There was just once that I needed to skip a song because it was just too slow for my treadmill work.

Breakfast was a corned beef/cauliflower hash with a fried egg and coffee/cream. Snack was an apple & almond butter. Lunch was bratwurst & sauerkraut. Dinner was chicken wings, celery, & carrots with ranch dressing.

Water count: 100 oz

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2 thoughts on “R1P3D14 – I like to move it move it, we like to – move it!

  1. FANTASTIC on the run! That is awesome and that must mean your back is feeling better! Congrats on both. 🙂 I went to an hour and half tae kwon do class this morning and we “warmed up” with a jog. I did the whole 5 minutes without stopping (and then the next hour and . For me, that is unreal. It’s these small victories that keep us going!

    • It is starting to feel better.
      I probably over-did it a bit yesterday, though… my abs & back are really unhappy with me. Legs are sore, but not too bad. 🙂

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