R1P3D13 – Reptiles and Samurai…

Today: 241.4 / LDW: 239.6 / Net: +1.8

Um… yikes! I’ve been watching what I’m eating, keeping the carbs low, drinking plenty of water… Seriously, the only thing I can think of is the ‘movement’ problem. Here’s REALLY hoping that the cleanse stuff I’m taking starts things moving… or I’m looking at a steak-day tomorrow. *sigh*

Today, I spent 2 hours organizing my iPod Shuffle with ‘exercising’ music. I’m planning on trying it out at the gym tomorrow. Yay!

The good thing is that I’m now at a week of daily walking & exercise. Not a lot… only 10-20 minutes per day (break time / walking dog), but better than nothing, yes? I’m also doing wall push-ups, squats, and tummy rolls (can’t do crunches yet with my back). Hopefully that’ll help a bit as well.

Breakfast was ham & poached eggs, coffee/cream. Snack was pork rinds & cream cheese. Went out to lunch with Roomie (who I also work with), but I think I made pretty good choices… Had seared Ahi w/ Asian slaw and 6 spinach/cheese stuffed mushrooms. (About 500 kcal and 20 carbs -minus fiber!)  Snack 2 was cocoa crack. Dinner was homemade Turkey Mushroom chili with 1/2 oz grated cheese.

Huh. Guess I ate more cheese than I planned… Well, we’ll see how tomorrow goes!

Water count: 88 oz

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