R1P3D10 – Livin’ la vida loca…

Today: 238.0 / LDW: 239.6 / Net: -1.6

Didn’t manage to get half of the stuff done today that I wanted to… But, it was a pretty full day none-the-less.

Hubby, Roomie, & I and went out for breakfast. Then we went to Target to buy some new storage boxes so I could organize the den a bit. Also picked up Call of Duty 3 for Hubby & the Kinect Zumba for me. Yay for $$ from my folks for Christmas! (If the Zumba is any good, I may just cancel my gym membership…)

Ran home, dropped off our breakfast leftovers, and then went to the movies. Saw Sherlock Holmes again… Roomie really wanted to see it, and I don’t mind seeing Mr Downey Jr again. ūüėČ

After the movie, we walked over to try to get our pan roasts (since we were still jonesing for them from Saturday’s failed attempt). Service was a bit better… ¬†but still really slow. They seriously didn’t bring us the check until we stood up and started putting on our coats! (After it took them forever to bring us leftover containers…) ¬†Oh well. At least I got my pan roast. ūüėÄ

Once we got home, Hubby went out and put the wrap on the water heater (took a really long time) while I started in on the den – including¬†dragging¬†one of my china hutches over about 4 feet, so we have a path into the kitchen from the den again. (Roomie sat at her computer, and hasn’t budged since…) ¬†I got the area organized where we planned on putting the Nordicflex¬†that I got from a co-worker. And then we set it up. ¬†I think it needs some oiling or something, it’s not retracting the way it should… but once we get it ‘tuned up’, I think it will be a nice thing to use. ¬†As long as it doesn’t turn into a coat rack!¬†LOL

So, I guess we did get quite a bit accomplished… Still didn’t manage any laundry, though… and I REALLY still need to get my DVDs scanned & alphabetized. They’re a big mess right now! *sigh* Maybe next week… it’ll be a ‘minor’ project that I can work on while we have company in from out of town.

Breakfast was half of a turkey/tomato/spinach omelet, a bit of cottage cheese, & coffee/cream.  Lunch was 1/2 a Pan Roast and hot tea. Snack was a piece of almond cocoa crack. Dinner was corned beef & cabbage, a baby bel cheese, & a cheese stick.

Water count: 80 oz

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