R1P3D6 – I got the moooves like Jagger…

Today: 239.4 / LDW: 239.6 / Net: -0.2

Well, considering yesterday was the potluck, having a gain of 1 pound is not too shabby!

I did NOT sleep well, either… Hubby is travelling for work (Wednesday morning to Friday afternoon), and the dogs do NOT understand. They, literally, woke me up every hour and a half to come downstairs to check for him. When they didn’t find him, they’d want to go back to bed. Then, an hour and a half later… rinse & repeat. I am really hoping they’ll sleep through the night tonight. I’m exhausted!

So, my hairdresser is going to try hCG! She was super-impressed by the results that Roomie & I have gotten (she cuts both of us – usually on the same day) and decided that she wants to try it, to lose the 35 pounds extra she’s carrying. (She’s short, so that’s a LOT of weight.) I dropped off a bottle of hhCG drops (I had a spare, since I’m going to do Rx strength next round), Pounds & Inches, & a food cheat-sheet to her today.  She’s planning on loading on Christmas. I’m looking forward to seeing if this works for her. 🙂

I exercised today… I did 45 minutes of Dance Central 2 on my Kinect. Yay!!

Breakfast was 2 poached eggs, 4 oz smoked pulled pork, a chopped green onion, & coffee/cream. Snack was 1/2 oz spicy pork rinds & 1 oz cream cheese. Lunch was a Black & Blue salad from Quizno’s with blue cheese dressing (instead of the sugary vinaigrette they usually give and no flatbread). Snack 2 was 1/4 cup mixed nuts. Dinner was 3/4 cup fresh blueberries with 2 tbsp heavy cream.

Water count: 88 oz

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